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1:1  Sha’ul an eved of Hashem and a Shliach of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua, for the furtherance of the [charedi (orthodox)] emunah of the Bechirei Hashem (chosen ones of G-d) and of da’as HaEmes (knowledge of the Truth) as pertains to chasidus [in Moshiach].
1:2  The mekor (basis) of this is a tikvah of Chayyei Olam which Hashem Who cannot speak sheker [BAMIDBAR 24:19; SHMUEL ALEF 15:29] promised before the Yamim HaOlam (days of eternity),
1:3  But revealed at the proper time Hashem’s dvar [Besuras HaGeulah] in the hachrazah (proclamation, kerygma), with which I was entrusted, according to the mitzvat Hashem Moshieynu.
1:4  To Titos, beni ha’amitti baEmunah (my true son in the faith), the [orthodox Jewish] emunah shared in common. Chen v’Chesed Hashem and Shalom from Elohim HaAv and Moshiach Yehoshua Moshieynu.
1:5  For this reason I left you in Crete that you should set beseder (according to acceptable order) what remains and give messianic s’michah to Zekenim (SHEMOT 12:21) city by city, as I directed you.
1:6  If anyone is without reproach, a ba’al isha echat (a one woman man/master, see OJB, p.1078, 1Ti 3:2; 5:9), his banim being ma’aminim in Moshiach, and not under accusation of debauchery and zenut or sorrut (rebelliousness, insubordination) [1Sm 2:22-25],
1:7  For it is necessary for the congregational Mashgiach Ruchani to be without reproach as Hashem’s mefake’ach al Beis Hashem (steward or supervisor of the House of G-d), not a ba’al gaavah (a haughty person), not quick in ka’as (anger), not a shikkor (drunkard) given to much wine, not violent, not a gelt-loving kamtzan (miser).
1:8  Rather, the Mashgiach Ruchani must be one who practices hachnosas orchim (hospitality), an ohev es haTov (a lover of the good), having seichel, a tzaddik, kadosh (holy), with shlitah atzmi (self-control),
1:9  Devoted to the faithful hatafah (preaching) of the Besuras HaGeulah, adequate for hora’ah (teaching) that exhorts to [Moshiach’s] orthodox Jewish doctrine and for refuting and exposing with conviction the ones speaking against it.
1:10  For there are indeed many mitnaggedim (opponents), idle talkers and deceivers, especially the ones of the party of the Mohalim HaGoyim (false teacher Circumcisers of Gentiles),
1:11  Whose mouths it is necessary to stop, who are subverting entire mishpochot (families) by teaching what they ought not, for the sake of dishonest gelt.
1:12  A certain one of them, a "navi" of their own number, said, "Cretans are always meshakkrim (liars), wicked beasts, lazy trombeniks (gluttons)."
1:13  This eidus (testimony) is true, for which cause rebuke them sharply, that they may be orthodox Jewish in [Moshiach’s] emunah,
1:14  Not paying attention to Jewish aggadot and to mitzvot d’Rabbanan (precepts imposed by the rabbis, i.e., which contradict the Kitvei Hakodesh—1C 4:6; DEVARIM 4:2), becoming meshummad (apostate) from HaEmes.
1:15  All things are tahor to hatehorim; but, to the ones having been defiled and taking the side of the Apikoros, nothing is tahor, but has been made tameh, both lev and matzpun.
1:16  Hashem they profess to know, but by their ma’asim they deny him, being disqualified [for the rabbanut or ministry of Moshiach] and being without mishma’at (obedience), and, as to every one of the ma’asim tovim, unpalatably unkosher (unfit).