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1:1  Paul, the servant of God, and apostle of Jesus Christ, by the faith of the chosen of God, and by the knowing of the truth [after the faith of the chosen of God, and knowing of the truth], which is after piety,
1:2  into the hope of everlasting life [in hope of everlasting life], which life God that lieth not, promised before times of the world [before worldly times];
1:3  but he hath showed in his times his word in preaching, that is betaken to me by the commandment of God, our Saviour [after the commandment of our Saviour God],
1:4  to Titus, most dear-worthy son by the common faith [to Titus, beloved son after the common faith], grace and peace of God the Father, and of Christ Jesus, our Saviour.
1:5  For cause of this thing I left thee at Crete, that thou amend those things that fail, and ordain priests by cities, as also I assigned to thee [as and I disposed to thee].
1:6  If any man is without crime, an husband of one wife, and hath faithful sons [If any man is without crime, or great sin, husband of one wife, having faithful sons], not in accusation of lechery, or not subject.
1:7  For it behooveth a bishop to be without crime, [as] a dispenser of God, not proud, not wrathful, not given to drunkenness [not vinolent, that is, much given to wine], not [a] smiter, not covetous of foul winning;
1:8  but holding hospitality, benign, prudent, sober, just, holy, continent,
1:9  taking that true word, that is after doctrine; that he be mighty to admonish in wholesome teaching, and to reprove them that gainsay.
1:10  For there be many unobedient, and vain speakers, and deceivers, most they that be of circumcision,
1:11  which it behooveth to be reproved [whom it behooveth to be reproved]; which subvert all houses, teaching which things it behooveth not, for [the] love of foul winning.
1:12  And one of them, their proper prophet said [Some one of them, the proper prophet of them, said], said, Men of Crete be evermore liars, evil beasts, of slow womb [slow of womb].
1:13  This witnessing is true. For which cause blame them sore, that they be whole in faith,
1:14  not giving attention to fables of Jews, and to commandments of men, that turn away them from truth [turning them away from truth].
1:15  And all things be clean to clean men; but to unclean men and to unfaithful nothing is clean, for the soul and conscience of them be made unclean [but and the soul, or reason, and conscience of them be made unclean].
1:16  They acknowledge that they know God, but by deeds they deny [him]; when they be abominable, and unbelieveful, and reprovable to all good work [to all good works].