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4:1  Adonim, treat your avadim in a manner that is yashar and even-handed, with the da’as that you also have an Adon in Shomayim. [Lv 25:43,53]
4:2  Persevere in your tefillos, keeping watch while davening with todot (thanksgiving),
4:3  Davening together also concerning us, that G-d may open for us a delet for the Besuras HaGeulah, to speak the raz of Moshiach, on account of which also I have been bound with sharsherot (chains).
4:4  Offer this tefillah: that I make known the Besuras HaGeulah as it is necessary for me to speak.
4:5  Walk in chochmah toward outsiders, redeeming the time.
4:6  May your lashon always be with the Chen v’Chesed Hashem, seasoned with melach (salt), so that you may have da’as how it is necessary for you to answer each one.
4:7  Tychicus will tell you all the news about me; he is a beloved Ach b’Moshiach and a keli kodesh who is ne’eman (faithful), a chaver and fellow eved in Adoneinu.
4:8  Tychicus I sent to you for this very reason, that you might have da’as of everything concerning us and he might impart chizzuk (strengthening, encouragement) to your levavot.
4:9  With Onesimus, the Ach b’Moshiach, ne’eman and a beloved chaver, one of your kehillah, Tychicus will make known the things here.
4:10  Aristarchus, my fellow prisoner, sends you Drishat Shalom. Also Markos, cousin of Bar-Nabba. You have received word klapei (concerning) Markos. If he should come to you, give him a kabbalat panim reception and be mekarev (befriend) him.
4:11  Also Yehoshua, the one being called Justus. These [Aristarchus, Markos, and Justus] are the only Messianic Jews among my fellow po’alim (workers) in the Malchut Hashem. They became to me an encouragement.
4:12  Epaphras sends you Drishat Shalom. He has also been mishtatef your kehillah, an eved of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua, always davening, always agonizing for you in his tefillos, that you might stand Bnei Chayil mature and be fully assured in all the ratzon Hashem.
4:13  For I give solemn eidus for him that he has toiled much for you and for the ones in Laodicea and for the ones in Hieraopolis.
4:14  Lukas, the beloved physician, sends you Drishat Shalom, and Demas.
4:15  Drishat Shalom to the Achim b’Moshiach in Laodicea and to Nymphas and the Brit Chadasha kehillah at her bais.
4:16  And whenever this iggeret ([hakodesh] holy epistle) is read before you, make sure also that it is read in the Moshiach’s Brit Chadasha Kehillah of the Laodiceans, and also you should read the iggeret [hakodesh] of the Laodiceans.
4:17  And say to Archippus, "Give attention to the avodas kodesh ministry which you received in Adoneinu, that you fulfill it."
4:18  This is my handsigned drishat shalom greeting, SHA’UL. Remember my sharsherot (prison chains). Chen v’Chesed Hashem be with you. [T.N. When Rav Sha’ul wrote Romans there were four Messianic Jews with him. Here he speaks of three.]