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4:1  Masters, be fair to your servants. Give them what is right. Remember that you also serve a master, and he is in heaven.
4:2  Continue to pray seriously. Stay awake, like people who watch carefully. And remember to thank God.
4:3  Also pray for us. Ask God to make it possible for us to tell people his message. We want people to understand the message about Christ that was a secret before. I am now in a prison because I taught people those things.
4:4  Pray that I will be able to tell people this message clearly. That is what I should do.
4:5  When you are with people who do not believe in Christ, be careful how you live. Use every chance to do good things.
4:6  When you speak to people, always speak kind words. Say things that will help them. Then, when someone asks you a question, you will know how to reply.
4:7  Our Christian friend, Tychicus, will tell you all the news about me. He works hard to serve the Lord. Like me, he is the Lord's servant.
4:8  I want him to tell you what is happening to us, so that you will feel stronger. That is the reason why I am sending him to you.
4:9  Onesimus will travel with him. As you know, he is one of your own people. He is a good Christian friend who serves Christ well. Onesimus and Tychicus will tell you everything that is happening here.
4:10  Aristarchus is also here with me in the prison. He says ‘hello’ to you. Barnabas's cousin, Mark also says ‘hello’ to you. I have already told you about him. So, if he comes to you, be kind to him.
4:11  Jesus, who is also called Justus, says ‘hello’ to you, too. These three men are the only Jewish believers who are serving God with me. We work together to bring people into the kingdom of God. These men have helped me to be strong.
4:12  Epaphras says ‘hello’ to you. He is also one of your people, and he is Jesus Christ's servant. He always prays very strongly for you. He prays that you will continue to grow as believers. He prays that you will completely understand everything that God wants you to do.
4:13  I can tell you this about Epaphras: He has worked very hard for you, and also for the people at Laodicea and at Hierapolis.
4:14  Our good friend Luke, the doctor, says ‘hello’ to you. Demas also says ‘hello’.
4:15  Say ‘hello’ for me to all the believers at Laodicea. Also say ‘hello’ to Nympha and to the group of believers that meet in her house.
4:16  After someone has read this letter to all of you, send it to the believers at Laodicea. Tell them to read it aloud to the church there. You must also read my letter that the believers at Laodicea will send to you.
4:17  Say to Archippus, ‘As you serve the Lord, be careful to finish the work that he gave you to do.’
4:18  I, Paul, am writing these words at the end of this letter with my own hand. Remember to pray for me while I am in prison. I pray that God will continue to be very kind to you.