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al-Baiyinah (The Clear Proof, Evidence, The Proof)
as rendered by [The Monotheist Group] (2011 Edition)
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[The Monotheist Group] (2011 Edition) rendition of Surah The Clear Proof, Evidence, The Proof(al-Baiyinah)
98:1 Those who rejected amongst the people of the Scripture and those who set up partners would not leave until proof came to them
98:2 A messenger from God reciting purified scripts
98:3 In them are valuable books
98:4 And those who had previously received the Scripture did not divide except after the proof came to them
98:5 And they were not commanded except to serve God and be loyal to His system, monotheists, and hold the contact-method and contribute towards betterment. Such is the valuable system
98:6 Those who rejected from the people of the Scripture and those who set up partners are in the fires of Hell abiding therein, those are the worst of creation
98:7 As for those who believe and do good works, they are the best of creation
98:8 Their reward with their Lord is the gardens of Eden with rivers flowing beneath them, they abide eternally therein. God is satisfied with them, and they are satisfied with Him. That is for whoever feared His Lord


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