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AYAH al-Baiyinah 98:3 

Arabic Source and Roman Transliteration
Arabic فِيهَا كُتُبٌ قَيِّمَة zoom
Transliteration Feeha kutubun qayyimatun zoom
Transliteration-2 fīhā kutubun qayyimatu zoom
Word for Word
Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh, Ms. Kauser Katri, and more
 Wherein (are) writings correct. zoom

Generally Accepted Translations of the Meaning
Muhammad Asad wherein there are ordinances of ever-true soundness and clarity zoom
M. M. Pickthall Containing correct scriptures zoom
Yusuf Ali (Saudi Rev. 1985) Wherein are laws (or decrees) right and straight zoom
Shakir Wherein are all the right ordinances zoom
Wahiduddin Khan containing upright precepts zoom
Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar wherein are truth-loving Books. zoom
T.B.Irving which comprise changeless books. zoom
The Clear Quran, Dr. Mustafa Khattab containing upright commandments. zoom
Safi Kaskas containing valuable books. zoom
Abdul Hye containing correct and right laws (in Scriptures). zoom
The Study Quran wherein are books upright zoom
[The Monotheist Group] (2011 Edition) In them are valuable books zoom
Abdel Haleem containing true scriptures zoom
Abdul Majid Daryabadi Wherein are discourses eternal zoom
Ahmed Ali Containing firm decrees zoom
Aisha Bewley containing upright precepts. zoom
Ali Ünal In which are right, ever-true ordinances (concerning belief, thought, and action) zoom
Ali Quli Qara'i wherein are upright writings zoom
Hamid S. Aziz Wherein are right scriptures zoom
Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali Therein are ever-upright Books zoom
Muhammad Sarwar holy Book which contain eternal laws of guidance zoom
Muhammad Taqi Usmani containing (right and) straight writings zoom
Shabbir Ahmed Wherein are Authoritative Scriptures zoom
Syed Vickar Ahamed In which the laws (or decrees) are explained right and straight zoom
Umm Muhammad (Sahih International) Within which are correct writings zoom
Farook Malik containing infallible books zoom
Dr. Munir Munshey Containing sound and straightforward rules zoom
Dr. Kamal Omar therein (i.e., written in these Surahs are) writings — permanent (and eternal) zoom
Talal A. Itani (new translation) In them are valuable writings zoom
Maududi in writings wherein are scriptures, absolutely true and unerring zoom
Ali Bakhtiari Nejad with true (and lasting) writings in it zoom
A.L. Bilal Muhammad et al (2018) In it are laws, right and straight zoom
Musharraf Hussain containing clear commandments. zoom
[The Monotheist Group] (2013 Edition) In them are valuable books. zoom
Mohammad Shafi In it are rulings sound, clear and ever applicable zoom

Controversial, deprecated, or status undetermined works
Bijan Moeinian Qur’an contains authentic scriptures (Lord’s laws and orders. zoom
Faridul Haque In which are written proper affairs zoom
Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah in which there are valuable Books zoom
Maulana Muhammad Ali Wherein are (all) right books zoom
Muhammad Ahmed - Samira In it (are) straight/valuable Books zoom
Sher Ali Wherein are lasting commandments zoom
Rashad Khalifa In them there are valuable teachings zoom
Ahmed Raza Khan (Barelvi) Therein are written straight discourses zoom
Amatul Rahman Omar Consisting of eternal laws and commandments zoom
Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri In which are (written) correct and firm commandments zoom
Muhsin Khan & Muhammad al-Hilali Containing correct and straight laws from Allah zoom

Non-Muslim and/or Orientalist works
Arthur John Arberry therein true Books zoom
Edward Henry Palmer wherein are right scriptures zoom
George Sale wherein are contained right discourses zoom
John Medows Rodwell wherein are true Scriptures zoom
N J Dawood (2014) infallible decrees zoom

New and/or Partial Translations, and works in progress
Linda “iLHam” Barto In them are valuable commandments. zoom
Sayyid Qutb wherein are sound decrees of high value. zoom
Ahmed Hulusi Within which are solid books (solid – substantial – reliable information). zoom
Torres Al Haneef (partial translation) with correct Scriptures zoom
Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim With divine texts representing Allah's authoritative precepts featuring His words carrying greatest significance zoom
Mir Aneesuddin containing established ordinances. zoom

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