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al-`Alaq (The Clot, Read)
as rendered by Amatul Rahman Omar
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Amatul Rahman Omar rendition of Surah The Clot, Read(al-`Alaq)
96:1 Recite with the name of your Lord Who created (all the universe)
96:2 Who (also) created human being from a clot of blood
96:3 Proclaim, for your Lord is the Most Benignant
96:4 Who taught knowledge by means of the pen
96:5 He taught human being what he did not know
96:6 Nay! (it is not at all as these people think), this human being does indeed indulge in transgression
96:7 Because he thinks himself to be independent (of God)
96:8 (Mankind!) surely, to your Lord is the ultimate return (of you all to be accounted for your deeds)
96:9 Have you considered (the case of one) who forbid
96:10 A servant (of God) when he prays (to His Lord)
96:11 (Mankind!) do you ever consider if he (who prays to God) follows the right guidance
96:12 Or enjoins guarding against evil. (How bad will be the end of that forbidder?
96:13 Do you (also) consider if a person (- the rejecter of Divine commandments) belies (them) and turns his back (upon the truth, what his end will be like)
96:14 Does He not know that Allah indeed observes (all)
96:15 Nay, (it will never be as the rejecter desires.) If he does not desist (from these wicked ways), We shall assuredly (seize him and) drag him by the forelock
96:16 A lying, sinful forelock
96:17 Then let him call members of his association
96:18 We will call Our brave defending guards
96:19 Nay, (he will never succeed in his evil designs.) Yield not to him, rather continue to prostrate yourself (before your Lord) and draw near (to Him). [Prostration]


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