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Word for Word - James Ada et al

at-Tin (The Fig, The Figtree)
as rendered by James Ada Word for Word
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Word for Word
Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh, Ms. Kauser Katri, and more
rendition of Surah The Fig, The Figtree(at-Tin)
95:1 By the fig, and the olive,
95:2 And (the) Mount Sinai,
95:3 And this [the] city, [the] secure,
95:4 Indeed, We created man in (the) best mould.
95:5 Then We returned him (to the) lowest (of the) low,
95:6 Except those who believe and do righteous deeds, then for them (is a) reward never ending.
95:7 Then what causes you to deny after (this) the judgment?
95:8 Is not Allah (the) Most Just (of) the Judges?


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