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ad-Dhuha (The Morning Hours, The Early Hours, Morning Bright)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Morning Hours, The Early Hours, Morning Bright(ad-Dhuha)
93:1 By the brightness of the morning
93:2 and by the night, when it groweth dark
93:3 Thy Lord hath not forsaken thee, neither doth He hate thee
93:4 Verily the life to come shall be better for thee than this present life
93:5 And thy Lord shall give thee a reward wherewith thou shalt be well pleased
93:6 Did He not find thee an orphan, and hath He not taken care of thee
93:7 And did He not find thee wandering in error, and hath He not guided thee into the truth
93:8 And did He not find thee needy, and hath He not enriched thee
93:9 Wherefore oppress not the orphan
93:10 neither repulse the beggar
93:11 But declare the goodness of thy Lord


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