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Dr. Munir Munshey

al-Layl (The Night)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Night(al-Layl)
92:1 (I swear) by the night as it veils (the earth in darkness)
92:2 And the day, as it unveils
92:3 And by Him, Who created (life in pairs,) male and female
92:4 In fact your efforts pursue divergent ends
92:5 Anyone who gives charity, and fears
92:6 And believes in (basic) goodness (and morality)
92:7 For such a one, We shall facilitate the easy way, (the way to Islam)
92:8 While anyone who acts niggardly, (lives nonchalantly), and considers himself self-sufficient
92:9 And rejects the (basic) goodness (and morality)
92:10 For such a one, We shall facilitate the path of evil _ (the path that runs contrary to his nature)
92:11 How will his wealth avail him when he goes down (into the ditch, his grave)
92:12 To grace you (all) with the guidance, is upon Us
92:13 Indeed, to Us belongs the afterlife, as well as this one
92:14 I warn you (all) about the raging blaze
92:15 No one will roast in it, except the most wretched
92:16 The one who denied (the truth), and turned away
92:17 Far removed from it, would be the righteous one
92:18 The one who sought to purify ( his soul), and spent his wealth (in charity)
92:19 Not because he had any favors to return
92:20 But because he sought the pleasure of his Lord, the most High
92:21 (Such a man) would certainly be well pleased


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