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al-Layl (The Night)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Night(al-Layl)
92:1 By the night, when it covereth all things with darkness
92:2 by the day, when it shineth forth
92:3 by Him who hath created the male, and the female
92:4 Verily your endeavour is different
92:5 Now whoso is obedient, and feareth God
92:6 and professeth the truth of that faith which is most excellent
92:7 unto him will We facilitate the way to happiness
92:8 But whoso shall be covetous, and shall be wholly taken up with this world
92:9 and shall deny the truth of that which is most excellent
92:10 unto him will We facilitate the way to misery
92:11 and his riches shall not profit him, when he shall fall headlong into hell
92:12 Verily unto Us appertaineth the direction of mankind
92:13 And ours is the life to come, and the present life
92:14 Wherefore I threaten you with fire which burneth fiercely
92:15 which none shall enter to be burned except the most wretched
92:16 who shall have disbelieved, and turned back
92:17 But he who strictly bewareth idolatry and rebellion, shall be removed far from the same
92:18 who giveth his substance in alms
92:19 and by whom no benefit is bestowed on any, that it may be recompensed
92:20 but who bestoweth the same for the sake of his Lord, the most High
92:21 And hereafter he shall be well satisfied with his reward


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