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ash-Shams (The Sun)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The Sun(ash-Shams)
91:1 Hereby God swears by the sun and its brightness
91:2 And by the moon which follows the sun
91:3 And by the day that takes over the darkness after sun appears
91:4 And by the night that takes over the day
91:5 And by the universe and the One Who created it
91:6 And by the earth and the One Who spread it
91:7 And by the life itself which is going through evolution toward being perfect
91:8 That God has clearly indicated what is right and what is wrong for man
91:9 The successful person is indeed the one who purify himself by controlling those desires which are listed as evil by God
91:10 The looser, on the contrary, is the one who does not believe in good and evil as indicated by God and commits evil deeds
91:11 Be reminded that before you, people of Thamud rebelled against God and denied his criteria
91:12 When the most wicked person among them went to kill the she camel (that they themselves had asked as a miracle.
91:13 Their prophet begged them not kill the she camel that had appeared among them as a sign of God's covenant with them and let her to drink the water
91:14 They laughed at him and killed the camel (as a sign of rebellion and challenging God.
91:15 God does not care about what a dreadful punishment His rebellious creatures knowingly earn for themselves


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