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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

al-Fajr (The Dawn, Daybreak)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah The Dawn, Daybreak(al-Fajr)
89:1 And/by the daw
89:2 And/by ten nights
89:3 And/by the double/even number, and the odd/singular/uneven
89:4 And/by the night when (it) goes/departs
89:5 Is in that an oath to (those) of (E) a mind
89:6 Did you not see/understand how your Lord made/did with Aad
89:7 Iram that of the pillars/posts
89:8 Which was not created similar/equal to it in the countries/cities
89:9 And Thamud who pierced/penetrated the rock/rock terrain at the valley
89:10 And Pharaoh that of the stakes/pegs/nails
89:11 Those who tyrannized/exceeded the limit in the countries/cities
89:12 So they increased (made too much) in it the corruption
89:13 So your Lord poured on them (the) torture's intensity/severity
89:14 That truly your Lord (is) at the watch/observation/ambuscade (E)
89:15 So but the human/mankind when as long as his Lord tested him, so he honoured him and He blessed/comforted and eased him , so he says: "My Lord honored me."
89:16 And but when as long as He tested him, so He tightened/strained on him His/his provision, so he says: "My Lord humiliated/disgraced/degraded me."
89:17 No but, you do not honour/be kind/generous (to) the orphan
89:18 And nor you urge/insight/influence on feeding the poorest of poor/poor oppressed
89:19 And you eat the inheritance accumulatively/collectively gluttony
89:20 And you love/like the property/possession/wealth lovingly excessively
89:21 No but, when/if the earth/Planet Earth was hammered down/crushed , crushingly/destroyingly ,crushingly/destroyingly
89:22 And your Lord came and the angels (in) a row/arranged (after) a row/arranged
89:23 And came (on) that day with Hell ; that day the human/mankind remembers/mentions , and from where (is) for him the remembrance/reminder
89:24 He says: "Oh if only I advanced/presented/preceded for my life."
89:25 So (on) that day no one tortures His torture
89:26 And no one ties/chains/affirms His tying/chaining (restraining)
89:27 You, you the self, the assured/tranquil
89:28 Return to your Lord accepting/approving, accepted/approved
89:29 So enter in (among) My worshippers/servants
89:30 And enter My treed garden/paradise


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