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Ahmed Raza Khan (Barelvi)

al-A`la (The Most High, Glory to your Lord in the Highest)
as rendered by Ahmed Raza Khan (Barelvi)
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Ahmed Raza Khan (Barelvi) rendition of Surah The Most High, Glory to your Lord in the Highest(al-A`la)
87:1 Glorify the name of your Lord, the Most High.
87:2 Who made and perfected.
87:3 And who after estimation guided.
87:4 And who brought forth the pasturage.
87:5 Then turned it dry black.
87:6 Now We shall teach you that you shall never forget it.
87:7 But whatever Allah wills, undoubtedly, He knows the open and the hidden.
87:8 And We shall make for you the things easy.
87:9 Therefore, admonish you, if admonition is profitable.
87:10 Soon he who fears will be admonished.
87:11 And the evil fated will be away from it.
87:12 He who will enter the greatest fire.
87:13 Then he will neither die there in nor live.
87:14 Undoubtedly, he attained to his goal who purified.
87:15 And offered prayer remembering the name of his Lord.
87:16 But you prefer the living world.
87:17 And the Hereafter is better and lasting.
87:18 Undoubtedly, this is in the ancient Books.
87:19 In the scriptures of Ibrahim and Musa


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