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Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli

al-A`la (The Most High, Glory to your Lord in the Highest)
as rendered by Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli
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Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli rendition of Surah The Most High, Glory to your Lord in the Highest(al-A`la)
87:1 Praise the name of your Lord, the Most High
87:2 He Who has created and fashioned (all things
87:3 And He Who has determined and guided
87:4 And He Who brings out the Pasturage
87:5 Then makes it dried up; dust-coloure
87:6 We will make you recite, so you shall not forget
87:7 Save what Allah wills, surely He knows the manifest and what is hidde
87:8 And We will ease you (your way) to a (state of) ease
87:9 Therefore do mention for mentioning does profit (mankind
87:10 He who fears will heed
87:11 But the most reprobate will shun it
87:12 Who wll enter the Great Fir
87:13 Then he will neither die therein nor will he liv
87:14 Indeed, he (alone) who has purified (himself) shall succeed
87:15 And remembers the name of his Lord and pray
87:16 Nay, you prefer the life of this world
87:17 While the world to come is better and more lasting
87:18 Surely this is in the earlier Scriptures
87:19 The Scriptures of Abraham and Mose


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