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at-Tariq (The Morning Star, The Nightcomer)
as rendered by Mohammad Shafi
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Mohammad Shafi rendition of Surah The Morning Star, The Nightcomer(at-Tariq)
86:1 By the sky and the Taariq
86:2 — And what do you understand what the Taariq is
86:3 It is the shining star &mdash
86:4 Not a soul but has a protector over it.
86:5 Let man then see how he is created
86:6 He is created by means of fluid [blood] spurtin
86:7 Out from between the spine and the ribs
86:8 It [blood] is certainly indeed capable of its return
86:9 The Day secrets are disclosed
86:10 For him [man] there will then be no power, and no helper
86:11 By the sky, ever returning [revolving]
86:12 And by the earth with its surface cracking open again and again with new growth of plants and vegetation
86:13 It [Qur'aan] is indeed a decisive Word
86:14 And it is not for just sport and amusement
86:15 They [suppressors of Truth] are indeed hatching a plot
86:16 And I [Allah] am devising a plot
86:17 So let those who suppress the Truth go their way; let them go for a little while


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