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at-Tariq (The Morning Star, The Nightcomer)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Morning Star, The Nightcomer(at-Tariq)
86:1 By the heaven, and that which appeareth by night
86:2 But what shall cause thee to understand what that which appeareth by night is
86:3 It is the star of piercing brightness
86:4 Every soul hath a guardian set over it
86:5 Let a man consider, therefore, of what he is created
86:6 He is created of seed poured forth
86:7 issuing from the loins, and the breast-bones
86:8 Verily God is able to restore him to life
86:9 the day whereon all secret thoughts and actions shall be examined into
86:10 and he shall have no power to defend himself, nor any protector
86:11 By the heaven which returneth the rain
86:12 and by the earth which openeth to let forth vegetables and springs
86:13 Verily this is a discourse distinguishing good from evil
86:14 and it is not composed with lightness
86:15 Verily the infidels are laying a plot to frustrate my designs
86:16 But I will lay a plot for their ruin
86:17 Wherefore, O prophet, bear with the unbelievers: Let them alone a while


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