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al-Buruj (The Mansions of the Stars, The Constellations)
as rendered by Ahmed Hulusi
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Ahmed Hulusi rendition of Surah The Mansions of the Stars, The Constellations(al-Buruj)
85:1 By the space containing the constellations!
85:2 And the promised time!
85:3 And by the witness and the witnessed!
85:4 Destroyed were the people of the trench...
85:5 In the fire full of fuel.
85:6 The fire around which they sat...
85:7 And they were witnesses to what they were doing to the believers!
85:8 And they avenged them (the believers) only because they believed in Allah, the Aziz, the Hamid.
85:9 To whom belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth! Allah is witness to everything!
85:10 Indeed, those who torture the believing men and believing women and do not repent, there is the suffering of Hell for them, and there is a burning suffering for them.
85:11 Indeed, those who believe and fulfill the requisites of faith, there are Paradises for them underneath which rivers flow... This is the great attainment!
85:12 Indeed, the seizure of your Rabb is intense!
85:13 It is HU who originates (manifests) and then returns it (recreates)!
85:14 He is the Ghafur, the Wadud.
85:15 The owner of the Throne, the Majeed (the Majestic).
85:16 The doer of what He wills!
85:17 Did the news of those armies reach you?
85:18 Those (who destroyed) Pharaoh and Thamud!
85:19 No! Those who disbelieve in the knowledge of the reality are in denial.
85:20 But Allah encompassed them from (within their depths)!
85:21 Indeed, this is an honored Quran.
85:22 In a preserved tablet (Lawh-i Mahfuz; the unmanifest knowledge of Allah and sunnatullah)!


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