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al-Mutaffifin (Defrauding, The Defrauders, The Cheats, Cheating)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah Defrauding, The Defrauders, The Cheats, Cheating(al-Mutaffifin)
83:1 Woe be unto those who give short measure or weight
83:2 who, when they receive by measure from other men, take the full
83:3 but when they measure unto them, or weigh unto them, defraud
83:4 Do not these think they shall be raised again
83:5 at the great day
83:6 the day whereon mankind shall stand before the Lord of all creatures
83:7 By no means. Verily the register of the actions of the wicked is surely in Sejjin
83:8 And what shall make thee to understand what Sejjin is
83:9 It is a book distinctly written
83:10 Woe be, on that day, unto those who accused the prophets of imposture
83:11 who denied the day of judgment as a falsehood
83:12 And none denieth the same as falsehood, except every unjust and flagitious person
83:13 Who, when our signs are rehearsed unto him, saith, they are fables of the ancients
83:14 By no means: But rather their lusts have cast a veil over their hearts
83:15 By no means. Verily they shall be shut out from their Lord on that day
83:16 and they shall be sent into hell to be burned
83:17 Then shall it be said unto them, by the infernal guards, this is what ye denied as a falsehood
83:18 Assuredly. But the register of the actions of the righteous is in Illiyyun
83:19 And what shall cause thee to understand what Illiyyun is
83:20 It is a book distinctly written
83:21 Those who approach near unto God, are witnesses thereto
83:22 Verily the righteous shall dwell among delights
83:23 Seated on couches they shall behold objects of pleasure
83:24 thou shalt see in their faces the brightness of joy
83:25 They shall be given to drink of pure wine, sealed
83:26 the seal whereof shall be musk: And to this let those aspire, who aspire to happiness
83:27 And the water mixed therewith shall be of Tasnim
83:28 a fountain whereof those shall drink who approach near unto the divine presence
83:29 They who act wickedly laugh the true believers to scorn
83:30 and when they pass by them, they wink at one another
83:31 And when they turn aside to their people, they turn aside making scurrilous jests
83:32 And when they see them, they say, verily these are mistaken men
83:33 But they are not sent to be keepers over them
83:34 Wherefore one day the true believers, in their turn, shall laugh the infidels to scorn
83:35 Lying on couches they shall look down upon them in hell
83:36 Shall not the infidels be rewarded for that which they have done


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