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al-Infitar (The Cleaving, The Cleaving Asunder, Bursting Apart)
as rendered by Musharraf Hussain
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Musharraf Hussain rendition of Surah The Cleaving, The Cleaving Asunder, Bursting Apart(al-Infitar)
82:1 When the sky is cleaved,
82:2 when the stars are scattered,
82:3 when the oceans surge and merge,
82:4 when the graves are turned inside out –
82:5 that Day, every person will know what it did and what it failed to do.
82:6 People, what deceived you from your generous Lord?
82:7 He created you, assigned you a provision, and perfected you
82:8 with a beautifully-shaped physical appearance as He pleased.
82:9 Yet, you still deny the Judgement.
82:10 The guardians standing over you are
82:11 the noble scribes,
82:12 who know what you do
82:13 The righteous will enjoy the delights of Paradise,
82:14 and the wicked will be damned in Hell.
82:15 They will enter in it on Judgement Day,
82:16 and they won’t ever be able to leave.
82:17 What can explain to you the reality of the Day of Judgement?
82:18 Again, what can explain to you the reality of Judgement Day?
82:19 The Day when no one will be able to do anything for another person; only Allah’s command will prevail that Day


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