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`Abasa (He Frowned)
as rendered by Muhammad Taqi Usmani
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Muhammad Taqi Usmani rendition of Surah He Frowned(`Abasa)
80:1 He (the Prophet) frowned and turned his face
80:2 because the blind man came to him
80:3 What could tell you (O prophet about the prospects of the blind man?) May be, (if you had attended him properly,) he would have attained purity
80:4 or have received the advice, and the advice would have benefited him
80:5 As for the one who does not care (about faith)
80:6 you are anxious to pursue him
80:7 while there is no blame on you, if he does not attain purity
80:8 As regards the one who has come to you rushing eagerly
80:9 while he fears (Allah)
80:10 to him you pay no heed
80:11 Never! (you should never act in this way,) Indeed this (Qur‘an) is an advice
80:12 So, whoever so wills may pay heed to it
80:13 It is (recorded) in those scripts (of the Preserved Tablet) that are honoured
80:14 exalted, purified
80:15 in the hands of those scribe
80:16 who are honorable, righteous
80:17 Damned is the man! How ungrateful he is
80:18 From which stuff did He (Allah) create him
80:19 from a drop of semen! He created him, and designed him in due proportion
80:20 then He made the way easy for him
80:21 Later, he made him die, and put him into grave
80:22 Thereafter, when He will intend, He will raise him up
80:23 No! He has not yet fulfilled what He (Allah) had commanded him
80:24 So, the man should consider his food
80:25 how well We poured water
80:26 then how nicely We split the earth
80:27 then We grew in it grain
80:28 and grapes and greens
80:29 and olive and date-palms
80:30 and gardens, full of thick trees
80:31 and fruits and fodder
80:32 as a benefit for you and your cattle
80:33 So when the Deafening Noise will occur
80:34 the Day when one will flee from his brother
80:35 and from his mother and father
80:36 and from his wife and sons
80:37 every one of them will be too engaged in his own affairs to care for others
80:38 Many faces, on that day, will be bright
80:39 laughing, rejoicing
80:40 and many faces, on that day, will be stained with dust
80:41 covered by darkness
80:42 Those are the disbelievers, the nefarious


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