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`Abasa (He Frowned)
as rendered by Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali
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Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali rendition of Surah He Frowned(`Abasa)
80:1 He (The prophet) frowned and turned away
80:2 That the blind man came to him
80:3 And what makes you (The prophet) realize whether he (The blind man (Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum) would possibly (try) to cleanse himself
80:4 Or that he would constantly remember, and the Reminding would profit him
80:5 (But) as for him who thinks himself self- sufficient
80:6 To him then you (are eager) to attend
80:7 And in no way is it up to you (if) he should not (try to) cleanse himself
80:8 And as for him who has come to you endeavoring (to cleanse himself)
80:9 And he is apprehensive (of his Lord)
80:10 Then of him you were being unmindful
80:11 Not at all! Surely it is a Reminder
80:12 So, whoever decides will remember it
80:13 (It is) in Scrolls high-honored
80:14 Upraised, purified
80:15 By the hands of (serene) Scribes
80:16 Honorable, benign
80:17 Slain be man! How disbelieving he is
80:18 Of whichever thing did He create him
80:19 Of a sperm drop He created him; so He determined him
80:20 Thereafter the way He eased for him
80:21 Thereafter He makes him to die, so He entombs him
80:22 Thereafter when He (so) decides, He makes him rise again
80:23 Not at all! (Man) has not as yet performed what He has commanded him
80:24 So, let (man) look into his food
80:25 (For) that We poured water in abundance, (Literally: with abundant pouring
80:26 Thereafter We clove the earth in fissures, (Literally: in cloven "fissures")
80:27 So, therein We caused (the) grain to grow
80:28 And vines, and clover, (Or: reeds)
80:29 And olives and palm trees
80:30 And enclosed orchards with dense trees
80:31 And fruits, and grass, (Or: fodder
80:32 An enjoyment for you and your cattle (includes cattle, camels, sheep and goats)
80:33 Then when the Blast comes
80:34 On the Day when a person will flee from his brother
80:35 And his mother, and his father
80:36 And his female companion, and his seeds, (Or: sons)
80:37 Upon that Day every (single) person of them will have an affair that will preoccupy him
80:38 (Some) faces upon that Day will be shining
80:39 Laughing, (happy) at the glad tidings
80:40 And (some) faces upon that Day will be (covered) by resentment
80:41 Oppressed by gloom
80:42 Those are they (who) are the persistent, impious disbelievers


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