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Word for Word - James Ada et al

an-Naba` (The Tidings, The Announcement)
as rendered by James Ada Word for Word
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Word for Word
Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh, Ms. Kauser Katri, and more
rendition of Surah The Tidings, The Announcement(an-Naba`)
78:1 About what are they asking one another?
78:2 About the News the Great,
78:3 (About) which they (are) concerning it (in) disagreement.
78:4 Nay! (soon) they will know.
78:5 Then Nay! (soon) they will know.
78:6 Have not We made the earth a resting place?
78:7 And the mountains (as) pegs,
78:8 And We created you (in) pairs,
78:9 And We made your sleep (for) rest,
78:10 And We made the night (as) covering,
78:11 And We made the day (for) livelihood,
78:12 And We constructed over you seven strong,
78:13 And We placed a lamp burning,
78:14 And We sent down from the rain clouds water pouring abundantly,
78:15 That We may bring forth thereby grain and vegetation,
78:16 And gardens (of) thick foliage.
78:17 Indeed, (the) Day (of) the Judgment is an appointed time,
78:18 (The) Day (in which) shall be blown in the trumpet and you will come forth (in) crowds,
78:19 And is opened the heaven and becomes gateways,
78:20 And are moved the mountains and become a mirage.
78:21 Indeed, Hell is lying in wait,
78:22 For the transgressors a place of return,
78:23 (They will) be remaining therein (for) ages.
78:24 Not they will taste therein coolness and not any drink,
78:25 Except scalding water and purulence,
78:26 A recompense appropriate.
78:27 Indeed, they were not expecting an account,
78:28 And they denied Our Signs (with) denial.
78:29 And every thing We have enumerated it (in) a Book.
78:30 So taste, and never We will increase you except (in) punishment.
78:31 Indeed, for the righteous (is) success,
78:32 Gardens and grapevines,
78:33 And splendid companions well-matched,
78:34 And a cup full.
78:35 Not they will hear therein any vain talk and not any falsehood,
78:36 (As) a reward from your Lord, a gift (according to) account,
78:37 Lord (of) the heavens and the earth and whatever (is) between both of them the Most Gracious, not they have power from Him (to) address.
78:38 (The) Day will stand the Spirit and the Angels (in) rows, not they will speak except (one) who - permits [for] him the Most Gracious, and he (will) say (what is) correct.
78:39 That (is) the Day the True. So whoever wills let him take towards his Lord a return.
78:40 Indeed We [We] have warned you (of) a punishment near (the) Day will see the man what have sent forth his hands and will say the disbeliever, "O I wish! I were dust!"


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