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al-Mursalat (The Emissaries, Winds Sent Forth)
as rendered by Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri rendition of Surah The Emissaries, Winds Sent Forth(al-Mursalat)
77:1 By the soft blowing, pleasant breezes which blow in succession
77:2 Then by the violent winds which blow with fierce gusts
77:3 And by those which spread the clouds all around
77:4 Then by those which split (them) apart and break them off
77:5 Then by those which bring direction and guidance
77:6 To accomplish the argument or to warn
77:7 Surely, the promise (of the Last Day) which is being given to you will be certainly fulfilled
77:8 Then when the light of the stars will be extinguished
77:9 And when the heavenly universe will be split open
77:10 And when the mountains will be (broken down to dust) and blown off
77:11 And when the Messengers will be brought together at the appointed time (to bear witness to their respective communities)
77:12 Well, for what Day is the term (of all the affairs) appointed
77:13 For the Day of Judgment
77:14 And who has told you what the Day of Judgment is
77:15 Woe (and devastation) to the deniers on that Day
77:16 Did We not destroy the people (who denied) before
77:17 Then We also cause the later ones to follow them (in destruction)
77:18 This is how We sort out (the matter) with the evildoers
77:19 Woe to the deniers on that Day
77:20 Did We not create you from (a drop) of detestable fluid
77:21 Then We placed it in a secure place (i.e., the mother’s womb)
77:22 Till an appointed period (of time)
77:23 Then We determined time periods (for all the stages of growth from conception to birth). And how excellent do We determine
77:24 Woe to the deniers on that Day
77:25 Have We not made the earth an assembling expanse
77:26 (That draws together) the living (as well as) the dead
77:27 And We placed on it soaring high and firm mountains, and gave you sweet water to drink (from springs of sweet, fresh water)
77:28 Woe to the deniers on that Day
77:29 (Now) move on to that (torment) which you used to deny
77:30 Proceed towards that shadow (of the smoke of Hell) that forks into three columns
77:31 A shadow which is neither cool nor protecting against the heat of Fire
77:32 Indeed, that (Hell) throws up sparks and flames (huge) as a lofty palace
77:33 (It also appears) as if those (sparks) are yellow camels
77:34 Woe to the deniers on that Day
77:35 This is a Day (on which) they will not be able to speak too
77:36 Nor will they be allowed to offer any excuses
77:37 Woe to the deniers on that Day
77:38 This is the Day of Judgment (on which) We shall gather you and (all) the earlier communities
77:39 Then if you have any scheme (and trick to escape from the torment), try (that) against Me
77:40 Woe (i.e., dejection) to the deniers on that Day
77:41 Surely, the Godfearing will be (rejoicing) under cool shades and amid springs
77:42 And whatever fruits they will long for (will be available for them)
77:43 (It will be said to them:) ‘Enjoy eating and drinking to your taste as a reward for what you used to do.
77:44 Indeed, the same way do We reward the pious
77:45 Woe to the deniers on that Day
77:46 (O deniers of the truth!) Eat and enjoy yourselves for a short while. No doubt, you are the evildoers
77:47 Woe to the deniers on that Day
77:48 And when it is said to them: ‘Bow down (before Allah),’ they do not bow
77:49 Woe to the deniers on that Day
77:50 Then in what revelation after this (Qur’an) will they believe


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