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al-Qiyamah (The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection(al-Qiyamah)
75:1 Verily I swear by the day of resurrection
75:2 and I swear by the soul which accuseth itself
75:3 Doth man think that We will not gather his bones together
75:4 Yea: We are able to put together the smallest bones of his fingers
75:5 But man chooseth to be wicked, for the time which is before him
75:6 He asketh, when will the day of resurrection be
75:7 But when the sight shall be dazzled
75:8 and the moon shall be eclipsed
75:9 and the sun and the moon shall be in conjunction
75:10 on that day man shall say, where is a place of refuge
75:11 By no means: There shall be no place to fly unto
75:12 With thy Lord shall be the sure mansion of rest on that day
75:13 On that day shall a man be told that which he hath done first and last
75:14 Yea; a man shall be an evidence against himself
75:15 And though he offer his excuses, they shall not be received
75:16 Move not thy tongue, O Mohammed, in repeating the revelations brought thee by Gabriel, before he shall have finished the same, that thou mayest quickly commit them to memory
75:17 For the collecting the Koran in thy mind, and the teaching thee the true reading thereof are incumbent on Us
75:18 But when We shall have read the same unto thee by the tongue of the angel, do thou follow the reading thereof
75:19 And afterwards it shall be our part to explain it unto thee
75:20 By no means shalt thou be thus hasty for the future. But ye love that which hasteneth away
75:21 and neglect the life to come
75:22 Some countenances, on that day, shall be bright
75:23 looking towards their Lord
75:24 and some countenances, on that day, shall be dismal
75:25 They shall think that a crushing calamity shall be brought upon them
75:26 Assuredly. When a man's soul shall come up to his throat, in his last agony
75:27 and the standers-by shall say, who bringeth a charm to recover him
75:28 And shall think it to be his departure out of this world
75:29 and one leg shall be joined with the other leg
75:30 On that day unto thy Lord shall he be driven
75:31 For he believed not, neither did he pray
75:32 but he accused God's apostle of imposture, and turned back from obeying him
75:33 Then he departed unto his family, walking with a haughty mien
75:34 Wherefore, woe be unto thee; woe
75:35 And again, woe be unto thee; woe
75:36 Doth man think that he shall be left at full liberty, without control
75:37 Was he not a drop of seed, which was emitted
75:38 Afterwards he became a little coagulated blood; and God formed him, and fashioned him with just proportion
75:39 And made of him two sexes, the male and the female
75:40 Is not he who hath done this able to quicken the dead


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