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al-Mudathir (The Cloaked One, The Man Wearing a Cloak, The Clothed One)
as rendered by Hamid S. Aziz
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Hamid S. Aziz rendition of Surah The Cloaked One, The Man Wearing a Cloak, The Clothed One(al-Mudathir)
74:1 O you enveloped in your cloak
74:2 Arise and warn
74:3 And magnify your Lord
74:4 And your cloak do purify
74:5 And uncleanness do shun
74:6 And bestow not favours that you may receive again with increase
74:7 And for the sake of your Lord, be patient
74:8 For when the trumpet is sounded
74:9 That, at that time, shall be a Day of distress
74:10 Far from easy for the unbelievers
74:11 Leave Me alone to deal with him whom I created
74:12 And gave vast riches
74:13 And sons to be by his side
74:14 And I adjusted the affairs of life to go smoothly and appropriately for him
74:15 And yet he desires that I should add more
74:16 By no means! For lo! He stubbornly opposes Our revelations
74:17 Will impose on him a fearful doom
74:18 Surely he reflected and then plotted
74:19 But woe to him for how he plotted
74:20 Again, woe to him for how he plotted
74:21 Then he looked around
74:22 Then he frowned and scowled
74:23 Then he turned back and was inflated with pride
74:24 Then he said, "This is naught but enchantment, narrated of olden days
74:25 "This is naught but the word of a mortal."
74:26 Soon will I cast him into the burning (Hell-fire)
74:27 And what will make you understand what the burning (Hell-fire) is
74:28 It leaves naught, it spares naught
74:29 It scorches (darkens the colour) and shrivels the mortal
74:30 Over it are nineteen
74:31 And We have not made the wardens of the fire others than angels, and We have not made their number but as a trial for those who disbelieve, that those who have been given the Book (scriptures) may be certain and those who believe may increase in faith, a
74:32 Nay; I swear by (or call to witness) the moon
74:33 And by the night when it departs
74:34 And by the Dawn when it shines forth
74:35 Surely, this is but one of the mighty Signs
74:36 A warning to mortals
74:37 To him among you who wishes to go forward or remain behind
74:38 Every soul is held in pledge for its own deeds
74:39 Except the people of the right hand
74:40 In Gardens, they shall ask each othe
74:41 And ask the guilty
74:42 "What has brought you into hell?"
74:43 They shall say, "We were not of those who prayed
74:44 "And we used not to feed the poor
74:45 "And we used to enter into vain discourse with those who entered into vain discourses
74:46 "And we used to call the Day of Judgment a lie
74:47 "Till the inevitable event (death) overtook us."
74:48 The intercession of no mediators shall avail them then
74:49 What is then the matter with them that they turn away from the admonition
74:50 As if they were frightened asse
74:51 Fleeing from a lion
74:52 Nay; every one of them desires that he may be given pages spread out (or open)
74:53 Nay! But they do not fear the Hereafter
74:54 Nay! This surely is an admonition
74:55 Let any who will, pay heed (or remember)
74:56 But none will remember (or heed) unless Allah wills. He is the source of fear (or righteousness) and the source of Mercy


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