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al-Mudathir (The Cloaked One, The Man Wearing a Cloak, The Clothed One)
as rendered by Edward Henry Palmer
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Edward Henry Palmer rendition of Surah The Cloaked One, The Man Wearing a Cloak, The Clothed One(al-Mudathir)
74:1 O thou who art covered
74:2 rise up and warn
74:3 And thy Lord magnify
74:4 And thy garments purify
74:5 And abomination shun
74:6 And grant not favours to gain increase
74:7 And for thy Lord await
74:8 And when the trump is blown,
74:9 for that day is a difficult day
74:10 for the misbelievers aught but easy
74:11 Leave me alone with him I have created
74:12 and for whom I have made extensive wealth
74:13 and sons that he may look upon
74:14 and for whom I have smoothed things down
74:15 Then he desires that I should increase
74:16 nay, verily, he is hostile to our signs
74:17 I will drive him up a hill
74:18 Then he reflected and planned
74:19 May he be killed, - how he planned
74:20 Again, may he be killed, - how he planned
74:21 Then he looked
74:22 then he frowned and scowled
74:23 then he retreated and was big with prid
74:24 and said, 'This is only magic exhibited
74:25 this is only mortal speech!'
74:26 I will broil him in hell-fire
74:27 and what shall make thee know what hell-fire is
74:28 It will not leave and will not let alone
74:29 It scorches the flesh
74:30 over it are nineteen (angels)
74:31 We have made only angels guardians of the fire, and we have only made their number a trial to those who misbelieve; that those who have been given the Book may be certain, and that those who believe may be increased in faith; and that those who have been given the Book and the believers may not doubt; and that those in whose hearts is sickness, and the misbelievers may say, 'What does God mean by this as a parable?' Thus God leads astray whom He pleases, and guides him He pleases: and none knows the hosts of thy Lord save Himself; and it is only a reminder to mortals
74:32 Nay, by the moon
74:33 And the night when it retires
74:34 And the morning when it brightly dawns
74:35 Verily, it is one of the greatest misfortunes
74:36 a warning to mortals
74:37 for him amongst you who wishes to press forward or to tarry
74:38 Every soul is pledged for what it earns
74:39 except the fellows of the right
74:40 in gardens shall they ask each othe
74:41 about the sinners!
74:42 'What drove you into hell-fire?
74:43 They shall say, 'We weren't of those who prayed
74:44 we didn't feed the poor
74:45 but we did plunge into discussion with those who plunged
74:46 and we called the judgment day a li
74:47 until the certainty did come to us!
74:48 But there shall not profit them the intercession of the intercessors
74:49 What ailed them that they turned away from the memoria
74:50 as though they were timid asse
74:51 fleeing from a lion
74:52 Nay, every man of them wished that he might have given him books spread open
74:53 Nay, but they did not fear the hereafter
74:54 Nay, it is a memorial
74:55 and let him who will remember it
74:56 but none will remember it except God please. He is most worthy of fear; and he is most worthy to forgive


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