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al-Ma`arij (The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders)
as rendered by Mohammad Shafi
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Mohammad Shafi rendition of Surah The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders(al-Ma`arij)
70:1 A questioner questions punishment that is bound to befal
70:2 Those who suppress the Truth. There is none to defend anyon
70:3 From Allah, Lord of the [many] ascents
70:4 The time taken by the angels and the Spirit to ascend to Him is fifty thousand years [of man's reckoning]
70:5 So, (O Prophet), be graciously patient [at the disbelievers' deliberate disbelief]
70:6 They do indeed see it [punishment] long in coming
70:7 And We see it near
70:8 That Day, the sky will be like molten metal
70:9 And the mountains will be like wool
70:10 And friend will not ask of frien
70:11 Although they would be able to see one another. The sinner would like to save himself from the punishment of that Day by offering (even) his children in ransom
70:12 And [he would offer] his spouse and his brother
70:13 And [he would offer] his kindred who sheltered him
70:14 And [he would offer] all all that is on the earth, if only he could thus save himself
70:15 But no! The fierce flame of Hell-fire it shall b
70:16 That would be stripping their scalds off
70:17 It [the Fire] would summon him who had turned away and retreate
70:18 And had amassed and hoarded
70:19 Man is indeed impatient by natur
70:20 When adversity touches him he bewails
70:21 And when prosperity touches him, he is begrudging
70:22 But those who pray are not [so impatient.
70:23 Those that are constant in their prayer
70:24 And those in whose wealth there is a known righ
70:25 For those that beg and for those that are deprived
70:26 And [among those who are not impatient are] those who sincerely believe in the Day of Judgment
70:27 And those that fear the punishment of their Lord
70:28 — There is indeed no security against punishment of their Lord &mdash
70:29 And those that guard their chastit
70:30 Except from their spouses or from those whom they rightfully possess. For indulging in sex with them, they are, of course, not to be blamed
70:31 But whoever seeks to go beyond that — those are the ones that go beyond limits
70:32 And [among those who are not impatient are] those who are true to their trusts and who keep their word
70:33 And those who firmly stand by their testimonie
70:34 And those who guard their prayer.h
70:35 All those shall be the honoured ones in Gardens of Paradise
70:36 And what is the matter with those that suppress the Truth that they rush to yo
70:37 From the right and from the left, in groups
70:38 Does everyone of them hope to enter the Garden of Bliss [by following one's own man- made thought]
70:39 No, not at all! They know what We have created them from
70:40 By no means [can they enter the Garden of Bliss!] I swear by the Lord of the easts and the wests that We certainly are capabl
70:41 Of replacing them by others better than they. And nothing can hinder Us
70:42 Leave them then to their vain talk and to their amusements, till they meet with the Day promised to them &mdash
70:43 The Day on which they will come hastily out of their graves, as though they had to run towards their goals
70:44 Their eyes downcast and [their bodies] overwhelmed with disgrace! That is the Day they were promised!


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