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Dr. Kamal Omar

al-Ma`arij (The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders(al-Ma`arij)
70:1 A questioner asked concerning a torment about to befall —
70:2 upon the disbelievers, (there is) not, unto it one who can avert (it) —
70:3 (since it is coming) from Allah, controller of the ascents
70:4 The angels and the Ar-Ruh ascend to Him in an aeon the measure whereof is fifty thousand years
70:5 So have patience — a beautiful patience
70:6 Verily, they see it (i.e., the torment about to befall) as something extremely remote
70:7 while We see it very near
70:8 The Day the sky becomes like the superficial flim of boiling oil
70:9 and the mountains become like flakes of wool
70:10 and does not ask a deeply devoted friend for (his) deeply devoted friend
70:11 People would be made to watch one another. The sinner would desire that he may pay a ransom to get rid of the torment that Day by (offering) his sons (in ransom)
70:12 and his consort, and his brother
70:13 and his kinfolks who sheltered him
70:14 and whosoever is on the earth — altogether, then (thus) he may redeem himself
70:15 By no means! Surely that (would be) a furiously flaming, blazing Fire —
70:16 one that strips off the skin
70:17 It (i.e., the blazing Fire invites) that who turned his back (to) and moved away (from Al-Kitab)
70:18 and hoarded (wealth) and withheld it (from spending it in accordance with the dictates of his conscience and the Scripture)
70:19 Verily, a human being: (as if) he is created impatient
70:20 When Ash-shar (harm) touched him, (he is one) who is extremely disturbed
70:21 And when Al-Khair (good) touched him, (he is one) who hesitates (himself) and also stops others (from spending it in a desirable way) —
70:22 except those who adhere to canonical Prayers
70:23 those people who: they are constant in offering their Prayers
70:24 and those: in their wealth is a well-known share —
70:25 for one who is compelled to ask and that who stands deprived (of the bare needs)
70:26 and those who Believe and testify the Day of Accountability and Judgment
70:27 and those who: they are ever mindful of the torment of their Nourisher-Sustainer
70:28 surely, the torment of their Nourisher-Sustainer (is) not an event that one may feel secure against it
70:29 and those who: they, regarding their private sexual parts are protectors —
70:30 except unto their wives or ma-malakat-aimanuhum (the women who are given in guardianship of adult males as their wives under a document prepared by the Muslim state) — then surely they are unblamed people
70:31 But whosoever sought beyond that then those people: they very ones are those who break the limits
70:32 And those: they, regarding the trusts with them, and promises with them, (behave as) those who implement with responsibility
70:33 and those — they stand firm on their testimonies (till the judgment in the case)
70:34 and those — they, over their Prayers act as guards
70:35 such a people would dwell in the Gardens (of Paradise) as honoured people
70:36 Then what (is the matter) with those who have disbelieved; in front of you they are those who swiftly move hither and thither (without paying attention to the teachings you propagate)
70:37 from the right (side) and from the left side in splinter groups
70:38 Does every man of them wish that he may be allowed entry in the Garden of delight
70:39 By no means! Verily We, We created them out of that which they know
70:40 So nay! I (i.e., Allah) bring as Witness the Rabb (Nourisher-Sustainer) of the easts and the wests. Surely We are, indeed, All-Capable Ones —
70:41 over (this) that We replace (them by people) better than them; and We are not those who are outrun
70:42 So leave them, they will indulge in vain talk and would play and sport until they have met their Day which they have been promised
70:43 The Day they will come out of the burial sites swiftly, as if they hasten on (and race) to a fixed target
70:44 their eyes adopting low-down position (in humility, fear and lamentation), ignominy (and disgrace) covers them. This is the Day which they had been promised


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