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al-Ma`arij (The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders)
as rendered by Maulana Muhammad Ali
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Maulana Muhammad Ali rendition of Surah The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders(al-Ma`arij)
70:1 A questioner asks about the chastisement to befal
70:2 The disbelievers -- there is none to avert it -
70:3 From Allah, Lord of the ways of Ascent
70:4 To Him ascend the angels and the Spirit in a day the measure of which is fifty thousand years
70:5 So be patient with a goodly patience
70:6 Surely they see it far off
70:7 And We see it nigh
70:8 The day when the heaven is as molten brass
70:9 And the mountains are as wool
70:10 And no friend will ask of friend
70:11 (Though) they are made to see them. The guilty one would fain redeem himself from the chastisement of that day by his children
70:12 And his wife and his brother
70:13 And his kin that gave him shelter
70:14 And all that are in the earth -- then deliver him -
70:15 By no means! Surely it is a flaming Fire
70:16 Plucking out the extremities -
70:17 It shall claim him who retreats and turns his back
70:18 And hoards then withholds
70:19 Surely man is created impatient -
70:20 Fretful when evil afflicts him
70:21 And niggardly when good befalls him -
70:22 Except those who pray
70:23 Who are constant at their prayer
70:24 And in whose wealth there is a known righ
70:25 For the beggar and the destitute
70:26 And those who accept the truth of the day of Judgment
70:27 And those who are fearful of the chastisement of their Lord -
70:28 Surely the chastisement of their Lord is (a thing) not to be felt secure from -
70:29 And those who restrain their sexual passions
70:30 Except in the presence of their mates or those whom their right hands possess -- for such surely are not to be blamed
70:31 But he who seeks to go beyond this, these are the transgressors
70:32 And those who are faithful to their trusts and their covenant
70:33 And those who are upright in their testimonies
70:34 And those who keep a guard on their prayer
70:35 These are in Gardens, honoured
70:36 But what is the matter with those who disbelieve, that they hasten on to thee
70:37 On the right hand and on the left, in sundry parties
70:38 Does every man of them desire to be admitted to the Garden of bliss
70:39 By no means! Surely We have created them for what they know
70:40 But nay! I swear by the Lord of the Eastern lands and the Western lands! that We are certainly Powerfu
70:41 To bring in their place (others) better than them, and We shall not be overcome
70:42 So leave them alone to plunge in vain talk and to sport, until they come face to face with that day of theirs which they are promised -
70:43 The day when they come forth from the graves in haste, as hastening on to a goal
70:44 Their eyes cast down, disgrace covering them. Such is the day which they are promised


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