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Word for Word - James Ada et al

al-Haqqah (The Reality, The Inevitable)
as rendered by James Ada Word for Word
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Word for Word
Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh, Ms. Kauser Katri, and more
rendition of Surah The Reality, The Inevitable(al-Haqqah)
69:1 The Inevitable Reality!
69:2 What (is) the Inevitable Reality?
69:3 And what will make you know what (is) the Inevitable Reality?
69:4 Denied Thamud and Aad the Striking Calamity.
69:5 So as for Thamud, they were destroyed by the overpowering (blast).
69:6 And as for Aad, they were destroyed by a wind screaming violent,
69:7 Which He imposed upon them (for) seven nights and eight days (in) succession, so you would see the people therein fallen as if they were trunks (of) date-palms hollow.
69:8 Then do you see of them any remains?
69:9 And came Firaun, and (those) before him, and the overturned cities with sin.
69:10 And they disobeyed (the) Messenger (of) their Lord, so He seized them (with) a seizure exceeding.
69:11 Indeed, We when overflowed the water, We carried you in the sailing (ship).
69:12 That We might make it for you a reminder and would be conscious of it an ear conscious.
69:13 Then when is blown in the trumpet - a blast single,
69:14 And are lifted the earth and the mountains and crushed (with) a crushing single.
69:15 Then (on) that Day will occur the Occurrence,
69:16 And will split the heaven, so it (is on) that Day frail.
69:17 And the Angels (will be) on its edges, and will bear (the) Throne (of) your Lord above them, that Day, eight.
69:18 That Day, you will be exhibited, not will be hidden among you any secret.
69:19 Then as for (him) who is given his record in his right hand will say, "Here, read my record!
69:20 Indeed, I was certain that I (will) meet my account."
69:21 So he (will be) in a life pleasant,
69:22 In a Garden elevated,
69:23 Its clusters of fruits hanging near.
69:24 "Eat and drink (in) satisfaction for what you sent before you in the days past."
69:25 But as for (him) who is given his record in his left hand will say, "O! I wish not I had been given my record
69:26 And not I had known what (is) my account.
69:27 O! I wish it had been the end
69:28 Not has availed me my wealth,
69:29 Is gone from me my authority."
69:30 "Seize him and shackle him,
69:31 Then (into) the Hellfire burn him.
69:32 Then into a chain, its length (is) seventy cubits, insert him."
69:33 Indeed, he was not believing in Allah the Most Great,
69:34 And (did) not feel the urge on (the) feeding (of) the poor.
69:35 So not for him today here any devoted friend,
69:36 And not any food except from (the) discharge of wounds,
69:37 Not will eat it except the sinners.
69:38 But nay! I swear by what you see,
69:39 And what not you see,
69:40 Indeed, it (is) surely (the) Word (of) a Messenger noble.
69:41 And not it (is the) word (of) a poet; little (is) what you believe!
69:42 And not (it is the) word (of) a soothsayer; little (is) what you take heed.
69:43 (It is) a revelation from (the) Lord (of) the worlds.
69:44 And if he (had) fabricated against Us some sayings,
69:45 Certainly We (would) have seiz him by the right hand;
69:46 Then certainly We (would) have cut from him the aorta.
69:47 And not from you any one [from him] (who could) prevent (it).
69:48 And indeed, it (is) surely a reminder for the Allah-fearing.
69:49 And indeed, We surely know that among you (are) deniers.
69:50 And indeed, it (is) surely a regret upon the disbelievers.
69:51 And indeed, it (is) surely (the) truth (of) certainty.
69:52 So glorify (the) name (of) your Lord, the Most Great.


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