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al-Haqqah (The Reality, The Inevitable)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Reality, The Inevitable(al-Haqqah)
69:1 The infallible
69:2 What is the infallible
69:3 And what shall cause thee to understand what the infallible is
69:4 The tribes of Thamud and Ad denied as a falsehood the day which shall strike men's hearts with terror
69:5 But Thamud were destroyed by a terrible noise
69:6 And Ad were destroyed by a roaring and furious wind
69:7 which God caused to assail them for seven nights and eight days successively: Thou mightest have seen people, during the same, lying prostrate, as though they had been the roots of hollow palm-trees
69:8 and couldest thou have seen any of them remaining
69:9 Pharaoh also, and those who were before him, and the cities which were overthrown, were guilty of sin
69:10 and they severally were disobedient to the apostle of their Lord; wherefore He chastised them with an abundant chastisement
69:11 When the water of the deluge arose, We carried you in the ark which swam thereon
69:12 that We might make the same a memorial unto you, and the retaining ear might retain it
69:13 And when one blast shall sound the trumpet
69:14 and the earth shall be moved from its place, and the mountains also, and shall be dashed in pieces at one stroke
69:15 On that day the inevitable hour of judgment shall suddenly come
69:16 and the heavens shall cleave in sunder, and shall fall in pieces, on that day
69:17 And the angels shall be on the sides thereof; and eight shall bear the throne of thy Lord above them, on that day
69:18 On that day ye shall be presented before the judgment seat of God; and none of your secret actions shall be hidden
69:19 And he who shall have his book delivered into his right hand, shall say, take ye, read this my book
69:20 verily I thought that I should be brought to this my account
69:21 He shall lead a pleasing life
69:22 in a lofty garden
69:23 the fruits whereof shall be near to gather
69:24 Eat and drink with easy digestion; because of the good works which ye sent before you, in the days which are past
69:25 But he who shall have his book delivered into his left hand, shall say, O that I had not received this my book
69:26 and that I had not known what this my account was
69:27 O that death had made an end of me
69:28 My riches have not profited me
69:29 and my power is passed from me
69:30 And God shall say to the keepers of hell, take him, and bind him
69:31 and cast him into hell to be burned
69:32 then put him into a chain of the length of seventy cubits
69:33 Because he believed not in the great God
69:34 and was not solicitous to feed the poor
69:35 Wherefore this day he shall have no friend here
69:36 nor any food, but the filthy corruption flowing from the bodies of the damned
69:37 which none shall eat but the sinners
69:38 I swear by that which ye see
69:39 and that which ye see not
69:40 that this is the discourse of an honourable apostle
69:41 and not the discourse of a poet: How little do ye believe
69:42 Neither is it the discourse of a soothsayer: How little are ye admonished
69:43 It is a revelation from the Lord of all creatures
69:44 If Mohammed had forged any part of these discourses concerning Us
69:45 verily We had taken him by the right hand
69:46 and had cut in sunder the vein of his heart
69:47 neither would We have withheld any of you from chastising him
69:48 And verily this book is an admonition unto the pious
69:49 and We well know that there are some of you who charge the same with imposture
69:50 But it shall surely be an occasion of grievous sighing unto the infidels
69:51 for it is the truth of a certainty
69:52 Wherefore praise the name of thy Lord, the great God


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