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al-Haqqah (The Reality, The Inevitable)
as rendered by Edward Henry Palmer
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Edward Henry Palmer rendition of Surah The Reality, The Inevitable(al-Haqqah)
69:1 The Infallible
69:2 what is the Infallible
69:3 and what should make thee know what the Infallible is
69:4 Thamud and 'Ad called the Striking Day a lie
69:5 but as for Thamud they perished by the shock
69:6 and as for 'Ad they perished with the violent cold blast of wind
69:7 which He subjected against them for seven nights and eight days consecutively
69:8 Thou mightest see the people therein prostrate as though they were palm stumps thrown down, and canst thou see any of them left
69:9 And Pharaoh and those before him of the overturned Cities committed sins
69:10 and they rebelled against the apostle of their Lord, and He seized them with an excessive punishment
69:11 Verily, we, when the water surged, bore you on it in a sailing ship
69:12 to make it a memorial for you, and that the retentive ear might hold it
69:13 And when the trumpet shall be blown with one blast
69:14 and the earth shall be borne away, and the mountains too, and both be crushed with one crushing
69:15 on that day shall the inevitable happen
69:16 and the heaven on that day shall be cleft asunder, for on that day shall it wane
69:17 and the angels upon the sides thereof; and above them on that day shall eight bear the throne of thy Lord
69:18 On the day when ye shall be set forth no hidden thing of yours shall be concealed
69:19 And as for him who is given his book in his right hand, he shall say, 'Here! take and read my book
69:20 Verily, I thought that I should meet my reckoning;
69:21 and he shall be in a pleasing life
69:22 in a lofty garden
69:23 whose fruits are nigh to cull
69:24 'Eat ye and drink with good digestion, for what ye did aforetime in the days that have gone by!
69:25 But as for him who is given his book in his left hand he shall say, 'O, would that I had not received my book
69:26 I did not know what my account would be
69:27 O, would that it had been an end of me
69:28 my wealth availed me not
69:29 my authority has perished from me!
69:30 'Take him and fetter him
69:31 then in hell broil him
69:32 then into a chain whose length is seventy cubits force him
69:33 verily, he believed not in the mighty God
69:34 nor was he particular to feed the poor
69:35 therefore he has not here today any warm friend
69:36 nor any food except foul ichor
69:37 which none save sinners shall eat!
69:38 I need not swear by what ye se
69:39 or what ye do not see
69:40 verily, it is the speech of a noble apostle
69:41 and it is not the speech of a poet:- little is it ye believe
69:42 And it is not the speech of a soothsayer,- little is it that ye mind!
69:43 a revelation from the Lord of the worlds
69:44 Why if he had invented against us any sayings
69:45 we would have seized him by the right hand
69:46 then we would have cut his jugular vein
69:47 nor could any one of you have kept us off from him
69:48 Verily, it is a memorial to the pious
69:49 and, verily, we know that there are amongst you those who say it is a lie
69:50 and, verily, it is a source of sighing to the misbelievers
69:51 and, verily, it is certain truth
69:52 Therefore celebrate the name of thy mighty Lord


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