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al-Qalam (The Pen)
as rendered by Abdul Majid Daryabadi
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Abdul Majid Daryabadi rendition of Surah The Pen(al-Qalam)
68:1 Nun By the pen and by that which they inscribe
68:2 Thou art nor, through the grace of thy Lord, mad
68:3 And verily thine shall be a hire unending."
68:4 And verily thou art of a high and noble disposition
68:5 Anon thou wilt see and they will see
68:6 Which of you is afflicted with madness
68:7 Verily thy Lord! He is the best Knower of him who strayeth from His path, and He is the best Knower of the guided one
68:8 Wherefore obey not thou the beliers
68:9 Fain would they that thou shouldst be pliant, so that they will be pliant
68:10 And obey not: thou any swearer ignominous
68:11 A defamer, spreader abroad of slander
68:12 Hinderer of the good, trespasser; sinner
68:13 Gross, and therewithal ignoble
68:14 Because he is owner of riches and children
68:15 When Our revelations are rehearsed Unto him, he saith: fables of the ancients
68:16 Anon We shall brand him on snout
68:17 Verily We! We have proved them even as We proved the fellows of a garden when they swarethat they would surely reap it in the morning
68:18 And they made not the exception
68:19 Wherefore an encircling visitation visited it even as they slept on
68:20 Then in the morning it became as though it had been reaped
68:21 Then they cried out Unto each other in the morning
68:22 Saying: go out betimes to your tilth if ye would reap
68:23 So they went off speaking to each other in a low voice
68:24 Let there not enter upon you today any needy man
68:25 And they went out betimes determined in purpose
68:26 Then when they beheld it, they said: verily we have strayed
68:27 Aye! it is we who are deprived
68:28 The most moderate of them said: said I not Unto you, wherefore hallow him ye not
68:29 They said: hallowed be Our Lord! verily we have been wrong- doers
68:30 Then they turned to each other reproachin
68:31 They said: woe Unto us! verily we! we have been arrogant
68:32 Belike our Lord may exchange for us better garden than this; verily we are Unto our Lord beseechers
68:33 Such is the torment. And the torment of the Hereafter is far greater; if they but knew
68:34 Verily for the God-fearing, are with their Lord Gardens of Delight
68:35 Shall We then make the Muslims like the culprits
68:36 What aileth you? How ill ye judge
68:37 Is there with you a Book wherein ye study
68:38 That therein is yours that which. ye may choose
68:39 Or have ye oaths from us reaching to the Day of Resurrection, that you shall be that which ye judge
68:40 Ask then, which of them will stand thereof a surety
68:41 Have they associate gods? Then let them produce their associate gods if they say sooth
68:42 Remember the Day whereon the shank shall be bared and they shall be called upon to Prostrate themselves, but they shall not be able
68:43 Downcast will be their looks; abjectness will overspread them. Surely they had been called upon to Prostrate themselves while yet they were whole
68:44 Let Me alone with him who belieth this discourse; step by step We lead them on when they perceive not
68:45 And I bear with them; verily My contrivance is sure
68:46 Askest thou a hire from them so that they are laden with debt
68:47 Is with them the unseen, so that they write down
68:48 Be patient thou, then, with thy Lord's judgment, and be thou not like him of the fish, when he cried out while he was in anguish
68:49 Had not grace from his Lord reached him, he had surely been cast into the wilderness in a plight
68:50 Then his Lord chose him and made him of the righteous
68:51 And those who disbelieve well-nigh cause thee to stumble with their looks when they hear the Admonition, and they say: verily he is mad
68:52 While it is naught but an admonition Unto the worlds


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