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al-Qalam (The Pen)
as rendered by Muhammad Sarwar
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Muhammad Sarwar rendition of Surah The Pen(al-Qalam)
68:1 Nun. By the pen and by what you write
68:2 (Muhammad), you are not insane, thanks to the bounty of your Lord
68:3 You will certainly receive a never-ending reward
68:4 You have attained a high moral standard
68:5 You will see and they will also se
68:6 which of you has been afflicted by insanity
68:7 Your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His path and who is rightly guided
68:8 Do not yield to those who reject the Truth
68:9 They would like you to relent to them so that they could also relent towards you
68:10 Do not yield to one persistent in swearing
68:11 back-biting, gossiping
68:12 obstructing virtues, a sinful transgressor
68:13 ill-mannered, and moraly corrupt or that because he may possess wealth and children
68:14 When Our revelations are recited to him
68:15 he says, "These are ancient legends"
68:16 We shall brand him on his nose
68:17 We have tested them in the same way as we tested the dwellers of the garden (in Yemen) when they swore to pluck all the fruits of the garden in the morning
68:18 without adding ("if God wills")
68:19 A visitor from your Lord circled around the garden during the night while they were aslee
68:20 and the garden was turned into a barren desert
68:21 In the morning they called out to one another
68:22 "Go early to your farms, if you want to pluck the fruits"
68:23 They all left, whispering to one another
68:24 "Let no beggar come to the garden"
68:25 They were resolved to repel the beggars
68:26 When they saw the garden, they said, "Surely we have lost our way
68:27 (No, we are not lost.) In fact, we have been deprived of everything"
68:28 A reasonable one among them said, "Did I not tell you that you should glorify God?"
68:29 They said, "All glory belongs to God. We have certainly been unjust"
68:30 Some of them started to blame others
68:31 They said, "Woe to us. We have been arrogant
68:32 Perhaps our Lord will replace it with a better garden. We turn in repentance to our Lord"
68:33 Such is the torment if only they knew that the torment in the life hereafter will certainly be greater
68:34 The pious ones will receive a beautiful Paradise from their Lord
68:35 Shall We treat the Muslims like criminals
68:36 What is the matter with you? How could you judge this to be so
68:37 Do you have a book from which you stud
68:38 that tells you to do whatever you want
68:39 Do you have a covenant with Us which allows you to do whatever you want until the Day of Judgment
68:40 (Muhammad), ask which of them can guarantee that on the Day of Judgment
68:41 they will receive the same thing that the Muslims will? Do they have any witness to such an agreement? Let them bring out such witness, if they are truthful
68:42 On the day when the terrible torment approaches, they will be told (in a mocking way) to prostrate themselves, but they will not be able to do it
68:43 Their eyes will be lowered and disgrace will cover them. They had certainly been told to prostrate themselves before God when they were safe and sound
68:44 Leave those who reject the Quran to Me and I shall lead them step by step to destruction, without their being aware of it
68:45 I shall give them respite, however, My plan is so strong that they will never be able to escape from it
68:46 (Muhammad), do you ask for your preaching any recompense which is too heavy a price for them to pay
68:47 Do they possess the knowledge of the unseen which confirms the truthfulness of their belief
68:48 Exercise patience until the promise of your Lord (to punish the unbelievers) comes true. Do not be like Jonah (who left his people without the permission of God; he wanted them to be punished immediately)
68:49 and who cried (for help) to his Lord, while imprisoned and helpless inside the fish. Had it not been for a favor from his Lord, he would have been left out in the open, deserving blame for his shortcomings
68:50 But his Lord chose him as His Prophet and made him one of the righteous ones
68:51 When the disbelievers listen to you reciting the Quran they almost try to destroy you with their piercing eyes. Then they say, "He is certainly insane"
68:52 The Quran is nothing but a reminder from God to mankind


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