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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Linda "iLham" Barto
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Linda “iLHam” Barto rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the inevitable event comes to pass,…
56:2 …no one will be able to deny its reality.
56:3 It will debase; it will exalt.
56:4 The earth will shake violently.
56:5 The mountains will crumble…
56:6 …and collapse.
56:7 You [humanity] will belong to three classes:
56:8 The companions of the right. What will be the companions of the right?
56:9 The companions of the left. What will be the companions of the left?
56:10 The foremost will be foremost.
56:11 These will be those nearest [to Allah].
56:12 [They will be] in gardens of bliss.
56:13 [They will be] a number [of people] from ancient times…
56:14 …and a few from later times.
56:15 [They will be] on ornate thrones,…
56:16 …reclining on them, facing one another.
56:17 Around them immortal youths will serve…
56:18 …goblets, pitchers, and a flask filled from pure, flowing fountains.
56:19 (The companions) will not get a hangover or suffer intoxication.
56:20 They will have any fruits they may select…
56:21 …and any poultry they want.
56:22 Companions with attractive eyes, wide [with delight],…
56:23 …will be like safely guarded pearls.
56:24 A reward for the deeds of their past will be…
56:25 …no frivolous talk heard therein and no taint of hostility.
56:26 [They will hear] only the saying, “Peace! Peace!”
56:27 The companions of the right! What will be the companions of the right?
56:28 [They will be] among lote trees without thorns.
56:29 [They will be] among banana trees, layered [with bananas].
56:30 [They will be] in extended shade…
56:31 …beside flowing water.
56:32 Fruit [will be] in abundance.
56:33 It will not be limited or forbidden.
56:34 [The companions will be] on lifted couches.
56:35 Truly, We have created them of a special creation.
56:36 We have made them pure.
56:37 [They are] loving and equal in age…
56:38 …for the companions of the right.
56:39 Some of them will be from days of old.
56:40 Some of them will be from later times.
56:41 The companions of the left! What will be the companions of the left?
56:42 [They will be] in the midst of scorching wind and scalding water.
56:43 [They will be] in the shadow of black smoke.
56:44 There will be nothing cooling or refreshing.
56:45 Indeed, they previously indulged in luxury [in their lives on Earth].
56:46 They persisted in terrible sin.
56:47 They used to say, “When we die and become dust and bones, will we really be raised again,…
56:48 …along with our ancestors?”
56:49 Say, “Indeed, those [ancestors] of old and those of later times.
56:50 “All will certainly be assembled for the meeting appointed for a well-known day.
56:51 “Truly, you will, O you sinners who regarded truth as false.
56:52 “You will certainly taste the Tree of Bitterness.
56:53 “You will fill your bellies with it.
56:54 “[You will] drink boiling water on top of it.
56:55 “You will drink like thirsty camels.”
56:56 That will be their hospitality on the Day of Atonement.
56:57 We created you. Why then do you not believe in Me?
56:58 Do you consider the reproductive sperm and ovum?
56:59 Are they created by you, or are We the Creator?
56:60 We have decreed that death be your shared fate. We will not be frustrated…
56:61 …from changing your life form into something new to you.
56:62 You are certainly familiar with the first form of creation. Why then would you not ponder [the spiritual form]?
56:63 Do you consider what you cultivate?
56:64 Do you cause it to sprout, or do We?
56:65 If it were our intention, we could have crumbled (the seeds) to dust, and you would be left bewildered.
56:66 [You would complain,] “We are burdened with debt.
56:67 “We are deprived!”
56:68 Do you consider the water you drink?
56:69 Do you entice it from the clouds, or do We?
56:70 If it were Our intention, we could make it salty and bitter. Why then do you not give thanks?
56:71 Do you consider the fire you kindle?
56:72 Do you grow the timber [from which the fire is fed], or do We?
56:73 We have made it a token [of our gifts] and a thing of comfort and ease for campers in the wilderness.
56:74 Glorify, then, the Name of your Lord the Supreme Being.
56:75 Furthermore, I call to witness the setting of the stars.
56:76 That is truly a mighty testament, if you only knew!
56:77 [It speaks to the fact] that this is truly a most honorable Qur’an.
56:78 [It is] in a Book well-guarded.
56:79 None shall touch it except those who are clean.
56:80 [It is] a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds.
56:81 Is it to this teaching that you are indifferent?
56:82 Have you made it your life’s work to prove it false?
56:83 Then why do you not act when (the soul) reaches the throat,…
56:84 …while you are looking on?
56:85 We are nearer to (the dying person) than you, and you do not see.
56:86 Why [do you not act] if you are not held to account?
56:87 Call back (the soul) if you are honest.
56:88 If someone is brought near to Allah,…
56:89 …then rest and satisfaction and a garden of goodness [awaits him/her].
56:90 If he/she is among the companions of the right:…
56:91 …“Peace unto you,” from the companions of the right.
56:92 If he/she is among those who treat truth as a lie and who sin,…
56:93 …his/her hospitality will be scalding water.
56:94 [He/she will be exposed to] burning in Hell.
56:95 Truly, this is certain truth.
56:96 Glorify the name of your Lord the Magnificent.


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