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Word for Word - James Ada et al

al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by James Ada Word for Word
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Word for Word
Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh, Ms. Kauser Katri, and more
rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When occurs the Event,
56:2 Not at its occurrence a denial
56:3 Bringing down, raising up,
56:4 When will be shaken the earth (with) a shaking,
56:5 And will be crumbled the mountains (with awful) crumbling.
56:6 So they become dust particles dispersing.
56:7 And you will become kinds three.
56:8 Then (the) companions (of) the right, what (are the) companions (of) the right?
56:9 And (the) companions (of) the left, what (are the) companions (of) the left?
56:10 And the foremost (are) the foremost,
56:11 Those (are) the nearest ones.
56:12 In Gardens (of) Pleasure,
56:13 A company of the former (people),
56:14 And a few of the later (people),
56:15 On thrones decorated,
56:16 Reclining, on them facing each other.
56:17 Will circulate among them boys immortal,
56:18 With vessels and jugs and a cup from a flowing stream,
56:19 Not they will get headache therefrom and not they will get intoxicated
56:20 And fruits of what they select,
56:21 And (the) flesh (of) fowls of what they desire.
56:22 And fair ones (with) large eyes,
56:23 Like pearls well-protected,
56:24 A reward for what they used (to) do.
56:25 Not they will hear therein vain talk and not sinful (speech),
56:26 Except a saying, "Peace, Peace."
56:27 And (the) companions (of) the right, what (are the) companions (of) the right?
56:28 Among lote trees thornless,
56:29 And banana trees layered,
56:30 And shade extended,
56:31 And water poured forth,
56:32 And fruit abundant,
56:33 Not limited and not forbidden,
56:34 And (on) couches raised.
56:35 Indeed, We [We] have produced them (into) a creation,
56:36 And We have made them virgins,
56:37 Devoted, equals in age.
56:38 For (the) companions (of) the right,
56:39 A company of the former people,
56:40 And a company of the later people.
56:41 And (the) companions (of) the left, what (are the) companions (of) the left?
56:42 In scorching fire and scalding water,
56:43 And a shade of black smoke,
56:44 Not cool and not pleasant.
56:45 Indeed, they were before that indulging in affluence.
56:46 And were persisting in the sin the great,
56:47 And they used (to) say, "When we die and become dust and bones, will we surely be resurrected?
56:48 And also our forefathers?
56:49 Say, "Indeed, the former and the later people
56:50 Surely, will be gathered for (the) appointment (of) a Day well-known."
56:51 "Then indeed you, O those astray! the deniers,
56:52 Will surely eat from (the) tree of Zaqqum.
56:53 Then will fill with it the bellies,
56:54 And drink over it [from] the scalding water,
56:55 And will drink (as) drinking (of) the thirsty camels."
56:56 This (is) their hospitality (on the) Day (of) Judgment.
56:57 We [We] created you, so why (do) not you admit the truth?
56:58 Do you see what you emit?
56:59 Is it you who create it or (are) We the Creators?
56:60 We [We] have decreed among you the death and not We (are) outrun,
56:61 In that We (will) change your likeness[es] and produce you in what not you know.
56:62 And certainly you know the creation the first, so why not you take heed?
56:63 And do you see what you sow?
56:64 Is it you (who) cause it to grow or (are) We the Ones Who grow?
56:65 If We willed We (would) surely, make it debris, then you would remain wondering,
56:66 "Indeed, we surely are laden with debt,
56:67 Nay, we (are) deprived."
56:68 Do you see the water, which you drink?
56:69 Is it you who send it down from the rain clouds, or We (are) the Ones to send?
56:70 If We willed, We (could) make it salty, then why not are you grateful?
56:71 Do you see the Fire, which you ignite?
56:72 Is it you who produced its tree or We (are) the Producers?
56:73 We have made it a reminder and a provision for the wayfarers in the deser
56:74 So glorify (the) name (of) your Lord, the Most Great.
56:75 But nay, I swear by setting (of) the stars,
56:76 And indeed, it (is) surely an oath, if you know - great,
56:77 Indeed, it (is) surely, a Quran noble,
56:78 In a Book well-guarded,
56:79 None touch it except the purified.
56:80 A Revelation from (the) Lord (of) the worlds.
56:81 Then is it to this statement that you (are) indifferent?
56:82 And you make your provision that you deny.
56:83 Then why not when it reaches the throat,
56:84 And you (at) that time look on,
56:85 And We (are) nearer to him than you but not (do) you see,
56:86 Then why not, if you are not to be recompensed,
56:87 Bring it back, if you are truthful.
56:88 Then if he was of those brought near,
56:89 Then rest and bounty and a Garden (of) Pleasure.
56:90 And if he was of (the) companions (of) the right,
56:91 Then, peace for you; [from] (the) companions (of) the right.
56:92 But if he was of the deniers, the astray,
56:93 Then, hospitality of (the) scalding water,
56:94 And burning (in) Hellfire.
56:95 Indeed, this surely, it (is the) truth certain.
56:96 So glorify (the) name (of) your Lord, the Most Great.


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