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Dr. Munir Munshey

al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When that (inevitable) event, (the Day of Judgment) occurs
56:2 There shall be no one to deny the fact of its occurrence
56:3 (It will) humble some, honor others
56:4 When the earth shall be shaken up violently
56:5 And the mountains are ground up into fine particles
56:6 And scattered about as dust
56:7 (That day), you shall (all) be (divided into) three factions
56:8 The people of the right! How (fortunate) would be the people of the right
56:9 The people of the left! How (wretched) would be the people of the left
56:10 (But of course), the foremost (in righteousness, those who exceeded and excelled) would be the foremost (in honor)
56:11 They would be nearest (to Allah)
56:12 In the blissful paradise
56:13 Many (of the foremost would be) from the earlier (generations)
56:14 And fewer from the later (generations)
56:15 (They will sit) on thrones engraved with gold and precious stones
56:16 They would recline (on their thrones), facing each other
56:17 Youthful lads, who would stay young forever,would wait on them
56:18 With cups and goblets, and glasses filled (with pure wine) from the spring
56:19 It would neither cause a hangover, nor affect their senses
56:20 And (they shall have) fruits, any (kind) they choose
56:21 And the flesh of birds and fowl, whichever they fancy
56:22 And lovely-eyed nymphs (of paradise)
56:23 (So beautiful), as if they were pearls preserved in their shells
56:24 (All as) rewards for what they used to do
56:25 There, they shall not hear anything vulgar or vile
56:26 Only serene and peaceful greetings
56:27 And for the people of the right? How (fortunate) would be the people of the right
56:28 (They would be in a place) with thornless lotus trees
56:29 Clusters of Acacia _ (a tree in paradise)
56:30 Dense and defuse shade
56:31 Water pouring out (of springs constantly)
56:32 Plenty of fruits
56:33 Unforbidden and limitless
56:34 And elevated thrones
56:35 (As for their wives), We would fashion them afresh
56:36 And make them young again, vernal and virginal
56:37 Loving and devoted mates of the same age
56:38 (All this), for the people of the right
56:39 (There would be) many (of them) from the earlier (generations)
56:40 And many from the later (generations)
56:41 And the people of the left? How (wretched) would be the people of the left
56:42 (They would live) in the (blistering) hot wind, and the (boiling) hot water
56:43 Under the cover of the dark smoke
56:44 Which is neither cool nor refreshing
56:45 Prior to this, they had the life of leisure and luxury
56:46 And persisted in the greatest of sins
56:47 They used to say, "After we die and wither away into dust and bones, would we really be brought back to life?"
56:48 "And our forefathers, too?"
56:49 (Tell them, oh prophet) "Indeed, all (of you) of the earlier and later times,"
56:50 "Would certainly be gathered together at the selected place, on an appointed day."
56:51 "And then, oh you who went astray and rejected (the truth)!"
56:52 "You would certainly have to eat the fruit of the tree of ´zaqqum´,"
56:53 "And stuff yourself with it."
56:54 "(To flush it down), you are going to have (only) hot boiling water,"
56:55 "Which you will drink like a thirst stricken camel!"
56:56 Such will be their ´reception´ on the Day of Judgment
56:57 It is We Who has created you. Why then do you not affirm the truth
56:58 Do you ever think about the semen you ejaculate
56:59 Do you turn it into a human fetus, or are We the Creator
56:60 We have decreed death for all of you, and We are not incapable
56:61 Of altering your form, and reshaping you into an altogether different existence. An existence about which you know absolutely nothing
56:62 You are certainly well aware of this (present) form of creation. So, why do you not heed
56:63 Do you ever think about the seeds you sow in the soil
56:64 Do you make them grow? Or is it We Who turns the seeds into a field full of crops
56:65 If We wish, We can convert the crop into chaff and leave you whining
56:66 (Saying), "We have really been penalized!"
56:67 "In fact we have been deprived."
56:68 Do you ever think about the water you drink
56:69 Did you bring it down from the rain clouds? Or is it We Who makes the rain come down
56:70 If We wish, We could make it brackish. So why aren´t you grateful
56:71 Do you ever think about the fire you build (from logs)
56:72 Did you bring the trees (and forests) into being? Or is it We Who causes them to be
56:73 We have made all this to remind you (of Us), and a skill (providing comfort) for those in the wilderness
56:74 So glorify and praise the name of your Supreme Lord
56:75 No, of course not! I swear by the position of the stars
56:76 And it is, indeed, a very solemn oath if you only knew
56:77 (I swear that) this (Qur´an) is certainly a noble recital
56:78 (Inscribed) in a well-guarded book
56:79 Only those who are (physically and ritually) clean, (are allowed to) touch it
56:80 (It is) a revelation from the Lord of the universe
56:81 Yet, do you shun this narrative (nonchalantly)
56:82 Do you make the denial (of the truth) your livelihood, (and respond to the blessings by rejecting the truth)
56:83 How about when (the soul of the dying) heaves up into the throat
56:84 At that time, you can do nothing but look on (helplessly)
56:85 Compared to you, We are closer to the one dying. But you cannot see
56:86 Thus, if (you think) you are not subject to reckoning, why can´t you
56:87 Return the soul back (to the dead), if you are (indeed) truthful
56:88 And if the dying person had been (the one) nearest (to Allah)
56:89 (He shall have) peace and tranquility, bounteous provisions and the blissful idyllic paradise
56:90 While if the (dying) person is among those of the right (side)
56:91 (He shall hear the greetings), "Peace be to you. (You are) among those of the right (side)."
56:92 But if the deceased happens to be among those who rejected and went astray
56:93 (He shall have) the hot boiling water ´to welcome´ him
56:94 And the roasting heat of the hellfire
56:95 Indeed! That is definitely and most certainly the absolute truth
56:96 So, (oh prophet)! glorify and praise the name of the Greatest, your Supreme Lord


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