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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Muhammad Sarwar
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Muhammad Sarwar rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the inevitable event comes
56:2 no soul will deny its coming
56:3 It will abase some and exalt others
56:4 When the earth is violently shake
56:5 and the mountains crumbled
56:6 they will become like dust scattered around
56:7 On that day, you (mankind) will be divided into three groups
56:8 The people of the right hand - those whose books of records will be placed in their right hands. How happy they will be
56:9 The people of the left hand - those whose books of records will be placed in their left hands. How miserable they will be
56:10 The foremost ones (in faith and virtue) - the foremost ones in receiving their reward
56:11 (The foremost ones) will be the nearest ones to Go
56:12 in the beautiful Paradise
56:13 Many of them will be from the ancient peopl
56:14 and only a few of them from the later generations
56:15 They will recline on jewelled couche
56:16 facing one another
56:17 Immortal youths will serve the
56:18 with goblets, jugs and cups of crystal clear win
56:19 which will not cause them any intoxication or illness
56:20 Also, they will be served with the fruits of their choic
56:21 and the flesh of birds, as they desire
56:22 They will have maidens with large, lovely black and white eyes
56:23 like pearls preserved in their shells
56:24 as reward for their deeds
56:25 They will not hear any unnecessary or sinful tal
56:26 except each other's greetings of, "Peace be with you"
56:27 As for the people of the right hand, how happy they will be
56:28 They will live amid the thornless lot tree
56:29 and banana trees
56:30 with fruits piled up one on the other
56:31 and amid the extended shad
56:32 near to flowing wate
56:33 and abundant fruits
56:34 undiminished and never denie
56:35 and the noble maiden
56:36 that We have created (for the people of the right hand)
56:37 We have made them virgins
56:38 loving and of equal age
56:39 These (people of the right hand) consist of many from the ancien
56:40 and many from the later generations
56:41 As for the people on the left hand, how miserable they will be
56:42 They will live amid the scorching
56:43 scalding water and under a shadow of black smoke
56:44 neither cold nor graceful in shape
56:45 They had lived in luxury before thi
56:46 and persisted in heinous sins
56:47 It was they who said, "Shall we be resurrected after we die and have turned into dust and bones
56:48 Will our ancient forefathers be resurrected too
56:49 (Muhammad), say, "All the ancient and later generation
56:50 will be brought together for an appointment on an appointed day
56:51 Then you people who had gone astray and rejected the Trut
56:52 will eat from the fruit of the tree of Zaqqum
56:53 filling your bellies, with i
56:54 and on top of this you will drink boiling wate
56:55 like a thirsty camel"
56:56 Such will be their dwelling on the Day of Judgment
56:57 It is We who have created you. Why then did you not testify to the Truth
56:58 Have you seen sperm
56:59 Did you create it or was it We who created it
56:60 We have destined death for you and no one can challenge U
56:61 in replacing you with another creation like you, changing you into a form which you do not know
56:62 You certainly knew about (your) first development. Why do you not take heed
56:63 Have you seen what you sow
56:64 Do you make it grow or is it We who make it grow
56:65 Had We wanted, We could have crushed it to bits and you would have been left to lament
56:66 crying, "We have been left to suffer loss
56:67 Surely, we have been deprived (of the benefits)"
56:68 Have you seen the water which you drink
56:69 Is it you who sent it down from the clouds or is it We who have sent it down
56:70 Had We wanted, We could have made it salty. Why then do you not give thanks
56:71 Have you seen the fire which you kindle
56:72 Is it you who have produced its tree or is it We who have produced it
56:73 It is We who have made it as a reminder and a means of comfort for the people
56:74 (Muhammad), glorify your Lord, the Great One
56:75 I do not need to swear by the setting of the star
56:76 - which is indeed a great oath if only you knew it
56:77 that this is an honorable Qura
56:78 preserved in a hidden Book whic
56:79 no one can touch it except the purified ones
56:80 (This Quran) is a revelation from the Lord of the Universe
56:81 Would you say that this statement is a lie
56:82 Would you reject the sustenance that you receive rather than give thanks
56:83 Why can you not help a soul dyin
56:84 right before your very eyes
56:85 We are closer to him than you, but you cannot see
56:86 If you are true to your claim that there is no Day of Judgment
56:87 why can you not bring it (the soul) back (to life)
56:88 (If a dying soul) is of those near to God
56:89 it will have rest, happiness, and a beautiful Paradise
56:90 If it is of the people of the right hand
56:91 it will be with the people of the right hand, living in peace and security
56:92 If it is of those who have rejected the Truth and have gone astray
56:93 its dwelling will be boiling wate
56:94 and the heat of hell fire
56:95 This is the absolute Truth and certainty
56:96 So glorify the name of your Lord, the Great One


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