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Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah

al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah
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Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the Event (the resurrection) come
56:2 there is no denying its comin
56:3 (it will) abase (some) and exalt (others)
56:4 When the earth is shake
56:5 and the mountains fragmente
56:6 becoming scattered dust
56:7 you shall be divided into three parties
56:8 Companions of the Right, what are the Companions of the Right
56:9 Companions of the Left, what are the Companions of the Left
56:10 And the Outstrippers, the Outstripper
56:11 those are they brought near (to their Lord
56:12 in the Gardens of Delight
56:13 a host of the ancient
56:14 but only a few from the later generations
56:15 on lavish couche
56:16 they shall recline, facing each other
56:17 (and there) shall wait on them immortal youth
56:18 with goblets and ewers, and a cup from a sprin
56:19 that will neither make the head throb, nor intoxicate
56:20 with fruits of their own choic
56:21 and any flesh of fowl that they desire
56:22 And wideeyed houri
56:23 like hidden pearls
56:24 a recompense for all that they did
56:25 There they shall hear no idle talk, no cause of sin
56:26 but only the saying: 'Peace, Peace!
56:27 The Companions of the Righ
56:28 (will be) among thornless Lote trees
56:29 Bananatrees, pile
56:30 and continuous shade
56:31 and flowing wate
56:32 and an abundance of fruits
56:33 unfailing and not forbidden
56:34 And couches raised up
56:35 Indeed We formed them (the houris and all believing women)
56:36 and made them virgins
56:37 chaste, loving companions of the same ag
56:38 for the Companions of the Righ
56:39 a multitude of the ancients
56:40 and a multitude of the later people
56:41 As for the Companions of the Lef
56:42 (they shall live) amid burning winds and boiling water
56:43 in the shadow of a smoking blaze
56:44 neither cool nor good
56:45 Before they lived at ease
56:46 and persisted in the great si
56:47 and constantly said: 'What, when we are dead and become dust and bones, shall we then be restored to life
56:48 What, and our fathers, the ancients?
56:49 Say: 'Those of ancient times and those of later time
56:50 shall be gathered together to the appointed time on a known Day.
56:51 Then you went astray, you that belied
56:52 you shall eat (the fruit) of the Tree of Zakkum
56:53 You shall fill your bellies with it
56:54 and drink boiling water on top of that
56:55 and you will drink as the lapping of thirsty camels
56:56 Such shall be your hospitality on the Day of Recompense
56:57 We created you, why will you not believe
56:58 Have you thought about what (sperm) you ejaculate
56:59 Did you create it, or are We the Creator
56:60 It was We who decreed death among you. We will not be surpasse
56:61 that We will change you and cause you to grow again in a way you do not know
56:62 You have surely known of the first creation. Why then, will you not remember
56:63 Ponder upon the soil you till
56:64 is it you that sow it, or are We the Sower
56:65 If We will, We would make it broken stubble and you would remain wondering
56:66 (Saying:) 'We are laden with debts
56:67 Rather, we have been prevented!
56:68 Have you thought about the water you drink
56:69 Is it you that send it down from the clouds or We
56:70 If We will, We would make it bitter, why then do you not give thanks
56:71 Have you thought about the fire you kindle
56:72 Is it you that originated its tree, or are We the Originator
56:73 We have made it a reminder, and a blessing to the traveler
56:74 Then, exalt the Name of your Lord, the Great
56:75 I swear by the fallings of the star
56:76 and that is a mighty oath, if you but kne
56:77 it is indeed a Glorious Koran
56:78 in a Book protected (from tampering
56:79 which none shall touch except the purified
56:80 a sending down from the Lord of all the Worlds
56:81 What, do you hold this discourse in disdain
56:82 do you make it your provision to belie it
56:83 Why, then, when the soul leaps up to the throat of the dyin
56:84 and you are watching at that tim
56:85 We are nearer to him than you, but you do not se
56:86 why then, if you are not revived
56:87 do you not restore his soul, if you are truthful
56:88 If he is among the nea
56:89 there shall be calmness and ease, a Garden of Delight
56:90 If he is a Companion of the Righ
56:91 (he will be greeted with): 'Peace be upon you, Companion of the Right!
56:92 But, if he is of those who belied, and went astray
56:93 there shall be a hospitality of boiling water
56:94 and a roasting in Hell
56:95 Indeed, this is the certain truth
56:96 So exalt the Name of your Lord, the Great


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