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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the inevitable day of doom takes place
56:2 In which there is no doubt about its happening
56:3 Some people will be lowered and some raised in rank
56:4 In that day the earth will be shaken up in a most sever manner
56:5 And the mountains will be reduced.
56:6 to pieces of sands
56:7 Then people will be ranked into three categories
56:8 (A) [The good omen] People of the right hand. How fortunate are the people of the right hand
56:9 (B) And the [misfortunate] people of the left hand. How unfortunate will be the people of the left hand
56:10 (C) And the foremost [those who were always in the forefront in their response to God’s call] will be placed in the forefront…
56:11 They will be those nearest to God
56:12 They will live in the Gardens of Paradise
56:13 Most of them will be from those who responded to the God’s call earlier
56:14 And a few from those who responded to the God’s call later
56:15 They will be reclining on the luxurious furnishings,&hellip
56:16 neighboring each other
56:17 They will be properly served by…
56:18 eternal youths [perhaps those who died young] with nice cups and pitchers filled from…
56:19 a flowing spring which will neither intoxicate them nor cause them any hang over
56:20 And they will present before them every kind of tasty fruit so that they may choose whichever they desire
56:21 As well as the meat of any bird that they may desire
56:22 They will wed beautiful-eyed women&hellip
56:23 … as lovely as well-guarded pearls
56:24 This is your Lord’s reward for their righteous deeds in their worldly lives
56:25 They will be blessed by lack of profanities and sinful talks [no more lying, backbiting, slander, bragging, mockery, sarcasm, etc: a society of noble civilized people]
56:26 Only soothing, peaceful words would be exchanged among themselves
56:27 And the people of the right hand; how fortunate will be the people of the right hand
56:28 Surrounded by thorn less lote-trees
56:29 Amid clustered plantations, fruitful banana trees and flowers piled one above another
56:30 And extended shade
56:31 And constantly flowing clean water
56:32 And abundant fruits
56:33 Always in supply and none forbidden
56:34 And luxurious furnishing
56:35 I (God) create for the people of the right side&hellip
56:36 .. perfect matched&hellip
56:37 … loving mates&hellip
56:38 … who have never been touched before
56:39 The right side people will be those &hellip
56:40 … who joined the right path at the beginning and later
56:41 And the people of the left hand; how unfortunate are the people placed on the left hand
56:42 In the midst of hot wind and in boiling water
56:43 In the shade of black smoke
56:44 Neither refreshing nor cool
56:45 They were people who used to have an easy and comfortable life before meeting this misfortune
56:46 [but instead of being grateful to God,] engaged constantly in great sins
56:47 They used to jokingly say: “When we die and turn into dust and bones, will we be raised up again?&rdquo
56:48 [Continuing their joke:] “How about our forefathers who died before?&rdquo
56:49 Say (Mohammad) to them:&hellip
56:50 …. “Surely you and your forefathers all will be gathered together one day, the time of which is already determined by God.&rdquo
56:51 “Then you disbelieving deniers.&rdquo
56:52 “you have to eat the bitter fruit of a Hellish tree known as Zaqqum.&rdquo
56:53 “And fill your bellies with it.&rdquo
56:54 “And, on top of it, drink that boiling water&hellip
56:55 … like a thirsty camel.&rdquo
56:56 “This is the way that they will be welcomed on the Day of Judgment.&rdquo
56:57 I (God) have created you; if you would have only believed
56:58 Have you ever thought about the [”insignificant”] semen that you discharge
56:59 Is it you who created it [and a child out of it] or the Creator
56:60 [The same Creator Who created you] has predetermined your death; none can stop the will of God
56:61 In order to replace you with a new generation and recreate you into a new kind of being that you do not know anything about its characteristics
56:62 You have already witnessed (the miracle of) your own creation; why do not you believe [that God can perform the miracle of recreating you] then
56:63 Have you ever thought about the seeds that you sow
56:64 Is it you who [blow out of your spirit to] make them to grow? Is it not the Creator who makes them to grow
56:65 If it is the Creator Who makes the crops to grow, the He may turn them into hay. Then you will cry
56:66 “We lost.&rdquo
56:67 “We are deprived [of God’s blessing].&rdquo
56:68 Have you ever thought about the water that you [take for granted when you] drink
56:69 Who made the water rain down from the sky for you? You or God
56:70 If God had desired, He could have rained down salty water. Why are not you grateful [about the simplest things which are of the most importance for your survival]
56:71 Have you ever thought the fire that you “make”? Who Created its wood [and its initial spark] ?...
56:72 You or the Creator
56:73 God has given you the fire as a mean of thought and as a mean of your advancement [from animal level into a civilized intellectual being]
56:74 [After given these intellectually stimulating example, it is time that you] Glorify the name of your Lord, the Supreme
56:75 No disbelievers; I (God) swear by the moment that the star explodes [and turns into a Nova]
56:76 And this is a tremendous oath, if you knew what I mean
56:77 That this is the glorious Qur’an
56:78 In a book well guarded by God
56:79 Only purified ones may touch (grasp) it except the purified ones
56:80 Sent down by the Lord of the worlds
56:81 [After such a solemn oath] Do you regard it, then, as unworthy of serious attention
56:82 Do you deny this truth of utmost importance simply because it may not be good for your business [that you have to close your idol worshipping temples, gambling casinos, sex shops, liquor stores, drug business, etc.]
56:83 When [the moment of death arrive and] the soul reaches the throat
56:84 And you see that the person is dying
56:85 I am the closest to the dying person but you can not see
56:86 If [as you claim] you are under no authority and you are truthful about&hellip
56:87 … your claim, then go ahead and restore the soul
56:88 If this dying person has [chosen the right path] been close to me, then he will be welcomed with joy,…
56:89 … peace and flowers entering to the Gardens of Paradise
56:90 If he is a part of the people of the right hand, he will be greeted with “peace be with you” by the
56:91 If the dying person is of disbelievers…
56:92 …. and lost ones, then his entertainment will be…
56:93 …. boiling water and&hellip
56:94 … burning in Hell
56:95 All this is absolute truth
56:96 Then glorify the name of your Lord; the Greatest One


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