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Dr. Munir Munshey

al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The hour (of Judgment) draws closer. The moon split apart
54:2 When they see a clear sign, they turn away and say, "(It is) an enduring illusion!"
54:3 They rejected (the truth), and followed their own whims. All matters must come to conclusion (at the appointed time)
54:4 Surely, stories have come to them (from the past) with sufficient moral example to restrain them (from being arrogant)
54:5 (A) profound wisdom (has come)! But little do warnings benefit them
54:6 (So, oh prophet), turn away from them! That day, the caller shall summon them towards an unpleasant and onerous thing
54:7 Their eyes agape in fear, they shall spring out of their graves as if they were a swarm of locusts scattered around
54:8 Rushing towards the caller, the unbelievers would say, "This is (going to be) a hard (long) day."
54:9 Prior to them, the nation of Nooh had defied. They rejected Our servant, and said, "(He is) insane!" He was rebuked and repulsed
54:10 So Nooh called his Lord (saying), "I have been overcome. Send Your help!"
54:11 We threw open the gates of the sky, and poured down a deluge
54:12 We riddled the earth with springs. All that water sufficed to implement the preordained purpose
54:13 And We had Nooh board a ship built with planks and nails
54:14 Under Our watchful eye, it sailed. A reward for the one who was rejected
54:15 We have surely left the ark as a sign. Is anyone there to heed
54:16 (Notice) how (severe) was My punishment, and how (true) were My warnings
54:17 We have really made this Qur´an easy (to understand)! Is anyone there to heed
54:18 The people of ´Aads´ rejected. So (notice) How (severe) was My punishment and how (true) were My warnings
54:19 In fact, We hit them with violent winds, on a day of unrelenting ill luck
54:20 The winds wrested people away and knocked them around, as if they were hollowed out trunks of the date trees
54:21 See how (severe) was My punishment, and how (true) were My warnings
54:22 We have really made this Qur´an easy (to understand)! Is anyone there to heed
54:23 The (people of) Samood also rejected the warnings
54:24 And they said, "Must we follow (the advice of) a mortal being, (just) one man among us? If we did that, we would certainly go astray! (That is) sheer madness!"
54:25 "Is the (divine) message revealed to him, (and no one else), out of all the rest of us? No, rather he is a liar with delusions of self grandeur."
54:26 (The messenger replied), "Tomorrow, you would find out for sure, who is the liar and who has delusions!"
54:27 (We told Our messenger), "We shall send a camel to serve as a test for them. So (just) observe and put up with them patiently."
54:28 "And tell them that the water supply would have to be shared. It would be by turns between them (and the camel). They would (have to) approach (the site of) water only at the schedule time."
54:29 Instead, they summoned their comrade who (accepted the assignment and) butchered (the camel)
54:30 And (observe) how (severe) was My punishment, and how (true) were My warnings
54:31 We hit them with (just) a single blast, and suddenly they were like dried up straw sticking out of a mud wall
54:32 We have really made this Qur´an easy (to understand). Is anyone there to heed
54:33 The nation of Loot disregarded the warning
54:34 We hit them with a hurricane (of rocks and stones). But We rescued the family of Loot in the early hours of the morning
54:35 As a blessing from Us! This is how We reward the grateful ones
54:36 Loot had definitely, (and specifically), warned them of Our gruesome Might. But they remained skeptical of Our warnings
54:37 They attempted to seduce his guests, but We blinded their eyes. "Here! Experience a taste of My torment and My warning!"
54:38 And early in the morning, a lasting torment had certainly come to settle on them
54:39 "Experience a taste of My torment and My warning!"
54:40 We have really made this Qur´an easy (to understand). Is anyone there to heed
54:41 Indeed, warnings had also come to the pharaoh and his people
54:42 They rejected all Our signs. So We took them to task. We clutched them with a masterful grasp of the Mighty, the most Proficient
54:43 Are your (present day) unbelievers in any way better than those ones (in the past)? Or have you been granted immunity by the scriptures
54:44 Do they say, "We are a (well knit) group bound to prevail"
54:45 Soon every group would be routed and would turn their backs (to flee)
54:46 The fact is that the hour (of Judgment) is their appointed date (with disaster). That hour is far more ruinous and wrenching, a lot more (biting and) bitter
54:47 Indeed the criminals are (lost) in error, and are (engrossed) in a frenzied state (of denying the truth)
54:48 That day, fallen flat on their faces, the criminals would be dragged into the blaze. "Here! Taste a touch of hell!"
54:49 Indeed, We have created every single thing in appropriate proportions (with a plan and a purpose)
54:50 Our command (and its execution) is just one, (a single event). It comes about in a flash of an eye
54:51 We have certainly destroyed many like you. So, is anyone there to heed
54:52 Whatever they do is (recorded) in their book (of deeds)
54:53 Every single matter, big or small, is committed to writing
54:54 The pious would certainly be (living) in paradise amidst its rivers
54:55 Occupying the seats of sincerity (and honor) in the presence of the Mightiest Sovereign


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