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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by Abdel Haleem
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Abdel Haleem rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The Hour draws near; the moon is split in two
54:2 Whenever the disbelievers see a sign, they turn away and say, ‘Same old sorcery!&rsquo
54:3 They reject the truth and follow their own desires––everything is recorded–&ndash
54:4 although warning tales that should have restrained them have come down to them–&ndash
54:5 farreaching wisdom––but these warnings do not help
54:6 so [Prophet] turn away from them. On the Day the Summoner will summon them to a horrific event
54:7 eyes downcast, they will come out of their graves like swarming locust
54:8 rushing towards the Summoner. The disbelievers will cry, ‘This is a stern day!&rsquo
54:9 The people of Noah rejected the truth before them: they rejected Our servant, saying, ‘He is mad!’ Noah was rebuked
54:10 and so he called upon his Lord, ‘I am defeated: help me!&rsquo
54:11 So We opened the gates of the sky with torrential water
54:12 burst the earth with gushing springs: the waters met for a preordained purpose
54:13 We carried him along on a vessel of planks and nail
54:14 that floated under Our watchful eye, a reward for the one who had been rejected
54:15 We have left this as a sign: will anyone take heed
54:16 How [terrible] was My punishment and [the fulfilment of] My warnings
54:17 We have made it easy to learn lessons from the Quran: will anyone take heed
54:18 The people of 'Ad also rejected the truth. How [terrible] was My punishment and [the fulfilment of] My warnings
54:19 We released a howling wind against them on a day of terrible disaster
54:20 it swept people away like uprooted palm trunks
54:21 How [terrible] was My punishment and [the fulfilment of] My warnings
54:22 We have made it easy to learn lessons from the Quran: will anyone take heed
54:23 The people of Thamud also rejected the warnings
54:24 they said, ‘What? A man? Why should we follow a lone man from amongst ourselves? That would be misguided; quite insane
54:25 Would a mes-sage be given to him alone out of all of us? No, he is an insolent liar!&rsquo
54:26 ‘Tomorrow they will know who is the insolent liar
54:27 for We shall send them a she-camel to test them: so watch them [Salih] and be patient
54:28 Tell them the water is to be shared between them: each one should drink in turn.&rsquo
54:29 But they called their companion, who took a sword and hamstrung the camel
54:30 How [terrible] was My punishment and [the fulfilment of] My warnings
54:31 We released a single mighty blast against them and they ended up like a fencemaker’s dry sticks
54:32 We have made it easy to learn lessons from the Quran: will anyone take heed
54:33 The people of Lot rejected the warnings
54:34 We released a stonebearing wind against them, all except the family of Lot. We saved them before daw
54:35 as a favour from Us: this is how We reward the thankful
54:36 He warned them of Our onslaught, but they dismissed the warning
54:37 they even demanded his guests from him- so We sealed their eyes- ‘ Taste My [terrible] punishment and [the fulfilment of] My warnings!’
54:38 and early in the morning a punishment seized them that still remains
54:39 ‘Taste My [terrible] punishment and [the fulfilment of] My warnings!&rsquo
54:40 We have made it easy to learn lessons from the Quran: will anyone take heed
54:41 The people of Pharaoh also received warnings
54:42 They rejected all Our signs so We seized them with all Our might and power
54:43 ‘Are your disbelievers any better than these? Were you given an exemption in the Scripture?&rsquo
54:44 Do they perhaps say, ‘We are a great army and we shall be victorious’
54:45 Their forces will be routed and they will turn tail and flee
54:46 But the Hour is their appointed time- the Hour is more severe and bitter
54:47 truly the wicked are misguided and quite insane–&ndash
54:48 on the Day when they are dragged on their faces in Hell. ‘Feel the touch of Hell.&rsquo
54:49 We have created all things in due measure
54:50 when We ordain something it happens at once, in the blink of an eye
54:51 We have destroyed the likes of you in the past. Will anyone take heed
54:52 Everything they do is noted in their records
54:53 every action, great or small, is recorded
54:54 The righteous will live securely among Gardens and rivers
54:55 secure in the presence of an all-powerful Sovereign


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