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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by Muhammad Taqi Usmani
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Muhammad Taqi Usmani rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The Hour (of doom) has drawn near, and the moon has split asunder
54:2 When these people see a sign, they turn away and say, .(This is) a transient magic
54:3 They have rejected (the Truth) and followed their desires, while every matter has to settle (at some time)
54:4 And there has come to them as much news (of the earlier communities) as it is enough to deter
54:5 (containing) a perfect wisdom. But the warnings are of no avail (to them)
54:6 Therefore, turn aside (O Prophet,) from them. (They will see the reality) on the day in which the caller will call (them) to a gruesome object
54:7 With their eyes humbled, they will come out of the graves like locusts spread all over
54:8 rushing quickly towards the caller. (On that Day) the disbelievers will say, .This is a hard day
54:9 The people of NuH denied (the truth) before them. So they rejected Our servant, and said, .(He is) a madman., and he was (also) threatened (by them)
54:10 So he prayed to his Lord saying, .I am overpowered, so defend (me)
54:11 So We opened the gates of the sky with water pouring forth profusely
54:12 and We caused the earth to gush forth as springs; so the water (of both kinds) met together for a destined event
54:13 And We caused him (NuH) to board that (ship) which had planks and nails
54:14 which sailed under Our Eyes, as a reward for the one who was rejected (by the infidels)
54:15 And We left it (the ship) as a sign. So, is there one to take lesson
54:16 Then how was My torment and My warnings
54:17 Indeed We have made the Qur‘an easy for seeking advice. So, is there one to heed to the advice
54:18 (The people of) ‘Ad rejected (their prophet). So how was My torment and My warnings
54:19 We did send to them a furious wind in a day of continuous misfortune
54:20 plucking people away, as if they were trunks of uprooted palm-trees
54:21 So how was My torment and My warnings
54:22 Indeed We have made the Qur‘an easy for seeking advice. So, is there one to heed to the advice
54:23 (The people of) Thamud rejected the warners
54:24 So they said, .Shall we follow a single human being from among us? Then we will be in error and insanity
54:25 Is it that the advice has been cast upon him alone out of all of us? No, but he is a bragging liar
54:26 Tomorrow they will know who the bragging liar is
54:27 We are going to send the she-camel as a trial for them; so watch them (O SaliH,) and keep patience
54:28 and tell them that water (of the well) is to be shared between them (and the she-camel), so as the right of having water shall be attended by each (alternatively)
54:29 Then they called their man (to kill the she-camel,) so he undertook (the task) and killed (the she-camel)
54:30 So how was My torment and My warnings
54:31 We sent upon them a single Cry, and they were like crushed leafs of a hedge-builder
54:32 Indeed We have made the Qur‘an easy for seeking advice. So, is there one to heed to the advice
54:33 The people of LuT rejected the warners
54:34 We sent upon them a rain of stones, except the family of LuT whom We saved in the last hours of night
54:35 as a grace from Us. This is how We reward the one who offers gratitude
54:36 And he (LuT) had certainly warned them of Our grasp, but they disputed the warnings
54:37 And they had even tried to tempt him against his guests (so that they may snatch them away for bad purpose,) but We blinded their eyes: .Now taste My torment and My warnings!
54:38 And on the next morning, a lasting torment overtook them
54:39 .Now taste My torment and My warnings
54:40 Indeed We have made the Qur‘an easy for seeking advice. So, is there one to heed to the advice
54:41 And the warners came to the family of Fir‘aun (Pharaoh)
54:42 (But) they rejected all Our signs; so We seized them_ a seizure by One Mighty, Powerful
54:43 Are the disbelievers among you in a better position than all of the aforesaid (punished people), or do you have immunity (recorded) in the sacred books
54:44 Or do they say, .We are a large group, well-defended.
54:45 Soon this ‘large group‘ shall be defeated, and all of them will turn their backs
54:46 Rather the Hour (of judgment) is their appointed time (for their full recompense), and the Hour is more calamitous and much more bitter
54:47 Surely the guilty ones are in error and madness
54:48 On the Day when they will be dragged into the Fire on their faces, (it will be said to them,) .Taste the touch of Hell
54:49 Verily, We have created every thing according to (Our) predestination
54:50 And (implementation of) Our command is no more than a single act like the twinkling of an eye
54:51 We have destroyed people like you; so, is there one to take lesson
54:52 And every thing they have done is recorded in the books (of deeds)
54:53 And every thing, small and big, is written down
54:54 Of course, the God-fearing will be in gardens and rivers
54:55 in a seat of Truth, near to the Omnipotent Sovereign


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