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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The Hour/Resurrection neared/approached, and the moon split/cracked/cut open
54:2 And if they see an evidence/sign they oppose/turn away , and they say: "Continuous magic/sorcery."
54:3 And they lied/denied , and they followed their self attractions for desires, and each/every matter/affair (is) settled/established
54:4 And had (E) come to them from the information/news what in it (is) prevention/deterrence
54:5 Reaching/eloquent wisdom, so the warnings/notices, it does not enrich/satisfy/suffice
54:6 So turn away from them, a day/time the caller/requester calls/requests/prays to (for) an awful/obscene thing
54:7 Their eyesights/understanding (are) humble/submissive , they get out/emerge from the graves as though they are spread out grasshoppers/locusts
54:8 Coming rushing in fear to the caller/requester, the disbelievers say: "That (is) a day/time (of) difficult(ty)/hard(ship) ."
54:9 Noah's nation lied/denied before them, so they lied/denied Our worshipper/slave/servant , and they said: "Mad/insane." And he was prevented/ousted
54:10 So he called his Lord: "That I am defeated/conquered , so give (me) victory/aid."
54:11 So We opened the sky's doors/entrances, with water pouring/flowing strongly
54:12 And We burst/over flowed the land/Earth (into) water springs/wells, so the (rain and well) water met on an order/command (that) had been predestined/estimated
54:13 And We carried/lifted him on that of boards/sheets/planks and nails/ship ropes/dowels
54:14 It flows with Our eyes/sights, a reimbursement to who was disbelieved with/denied
54:15 And We had (E) left it (as) an evidence/sign , so is there from a rememberer
54:16 So how was My torture and My warnings/notices
54:17 And We have (E) eased/made the Koran flexible to the remembrance/reminder, so is there from a rememberer
54:18 Aad lied/denied , so how was My torture and My warnings/notices
54:19 That We sent on them a wind/breeze blowing/severely cold , in a continuos unlucky/miserable day/time
54:20 It removes/pulls the people as if they are extracted/dead palm trees' ends
54:21 So how was My torture and My warnings/notices
54:22 And We have (E) eased/made the Koran flexible to the remembrance/reminder, so is there from a rememberer
54:23 Thamud lied/denied with the warnings/notices
54:24 So they said: "Is a human from (among) us, one, we follow him? We are then in misguidance and madness."
54:25 Was/is the reminder/remembrance thrown on him, from between Us? But he is (a) liar/denier/falsifier, ungrateful and arrogan
54:26 They will know tomorrow/(in the) future who (is) the liar/denier/falsifier, the ungrateful and arrogant
54:27 We (E) (are) sending the female camel (as) a test for them, so observe/watch them , and endure patience
54:28 And inform them that (E) the water (is) division/apportionment between them, each/every share of water/drink (is) present/attending
54:29 So they called their companion/friend, so he stood on his toes and extended his hands to take , so he wounded/slaughtered/made infertile
54:30 So how was My torture and My warnings/notices
54:31 We (E) sent on them one loud strong cry/torture raid, so they were as the dried and broken plants
54:32 And We have (E) eased/made the Koran flexible to the remembrance/reminder, so is there from a rememberer
54:33 Lot's nation lied/denied/falsified with the warnings/notices
54:34 We (E) sent on them a violent wind carrying pebbles and hail/hail laden clouds, except Lot's family, We saved/rescued them with (the) time at end of night before dawn
54:35 A blessing/goodness from at Us, as/like that We reimburse who thanked/became grateful
54:36 And he had (E) warned/given them notice (of) Our violent destruction/attack, so they argued/discussed with the warnings/notices
54:37 And they had (E) solicited/made sinful advances from (to) his guests, so We wiped out/eliminated their eyes/sights, so taste/experience My torture and My warnings/notices
54:38 And settled/established torture had (E) come to them in the morning (at) day breaks/early mornings
54:39 So taste/experience My torture and My warnings/notices
54:40 And We have (E) eased/made the Koran flexible to the remembrance/reminder, so is there from a rememberer
54:41 And the warnings/notices had (E) come (to) Pharaoh's family
54:42 They lied/denied with Our evidences/signs all of it, so We punished/took them (the) punishing/taking (of) a glorious/mighty , capable/powerful
54:43 Are your disbelievers better than those, or for you (is) declaration/denouncement in The Books
54:44 Or they say: We are all/all together (are) victorious."
54:45 The gathering/collection/group will be defeated , and they turn away the back/end
54:46 But the Hour/Resurrection (is) their appointment, and the Hour/Resurrection (is) more disastrous/catastrophic and more bitter/firmer
54:47 That truly the criminals/sinners (are) in misguidance and madness/inferno/frenzy
54:48 A day/time they be dragged on the ground in the fire , on their faces/fronts (and told): "Taste/experience Hells' touch/madness."
54:49 That We (E), every thing We created it with a measure/predestiny
54:50 And Our order/command (is) except one as/like a twinkling/quick glance with the eye sight
54:51 And We had (E) destroyed your groups/parties/supporters , so is there from a rememberer
54:52 And very thing they made/did it (is) in The Books
54:53 And each/every small/little and large/great (is) written/inscribed
54:54 That truly the fearing and obeying (are) in treed gardens/paradises and a river/waterway
54:55 In a truthful seat/sitting place (position) at (a) capable/powerful king/owner/possesso


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