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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

at-Tur (The Mount, The Mountain)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Mount, The Mountain(at-Tur)
52:1 By the mountain (Mount Sinai)
52:2 and by a written boo
52:3 in unrolled scroll
52:4 and by the thriving (and frequented) house
52:5 and by the raised roof
52:6 and by the blazing (and swollen) sea
52:7 your Master’s punishment is certainly a reality
52:8 No one (and nothing) can repel it
52:9 A day when the sky swings back and forth
52:10 and the mountains move about, traveling
52:11 woe to the deniers on that day
52:12 those playing around in useless talk
52:13 A day when they are forcefully pushed into fire of hell
52:14 This is the fire that you were denying it
52:15 So is this a magic or you do not see
52:16 Enter (and burn in) it, it is the same to you whether you are patient or you are not patient, you are only penalized for what you used to do
52:17 Indeed those who control themselves are in gardens and in happiness
52:18 Enjoying because of what their Master gave them and that their Master protected them from punishment of the hellfire
52:19 Eat and drink joyfully because of what you were doing
52:20 Leaning on couches lined up in rows, and We marry them to appealing girls with beautiful eyes
52:21 And those who believed and their descendants who followed them in belief, We join their descendants with them and We do not reduce anything from their works. Every person is bound by what he did
52:22 And We help them with whatever fruit and meat they desire
52:23 They pass a cup to one another in there that there is nothing useless or sinful in it
52:24 And young male servants who are like hidden pearl go around them for (serving) them
52:25 And they turn to each other asking one another
52:26 they say: indeed we were afraid among our people in the past
52:27 but God favored upon us and protected us from the punishment of scorching wind
52:28 Indeed we used to call on Him in the past. Indeed He is the good, the merciful
52:29 So remind (them) that by your Master’s favor you are not a fortune-teller or a madman
52:30 Or do they say: a poet, we wait for his time of misfortune (his death)
52:31 Say: wait and I wait with you
52:32 Or does their imagination (and dreams) order them to this, or are they disobedient people
52:33 Or they say he made it up? No, but they do not believe
52:34 So let them bring a saying like it (Quran), if they are truthful
52:35 Or were they created from nothing, or are they the creators
52:36 Or did they create the skies and the earth? No, they are not certain
52:37 Or are the treasures of their Master with them, or are they in charge (of them)
52:38 Or do they have a ladder that they listen by it? Then their listeners should bring a clear reason
52:39 Or does He have the daughters and you have the sons
52:40 Or do you ask them for a wage, and they are weighed down by the debt
52:41 Or is the unseen with them, and they write it
52:42 Or do they want to plot? But those who disbelieved are plotted against
52:43 Or do they have a god other than God? God is flawless of what they associate (with Him)
52:44 And if they see a piece of the sky falling down, they say: piled up clouds
52:45 So leave them until they meet their day, in which they are thunderstruck (and die)
52:46 A day that their plot is of no use to them at all, and they are not helped
52:47 And indeed for those who did wrong there is a punishment other than this, but most of them do not know
52:48 And be patient for your Master’s command, as you are under Our eyes, and glorify your Master with praise when you get up
52:49 And glorify Him part of the night and when the stars disappear


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