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Dr. Kamal Omar

at-Tur (The Mount, The Mountain)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah The Mount, The Mountain(at-Tur)
52:1 The Mount acts as a witness
52:2 (The) Book written in straight lines acts as a witness
52:3 on wide pieces of parchment-paper
52:4 ‘Always being visited’ House (The Kaba) acts as a witness
52:5 The elevated roof (as Heaven) acts as a witness
52:6 The sea in high tides acts as a witness
52:7 Surely, the torment coming from your Nourisher-Sustainer is about to occur without any doubt
52:8 (There is) not unto it any who can avert
52:9 The Day the heaven trembles in a dreadful shahead of state
52:10 and the mountains slide away in a swift movement
52:11 Then woe that Day for the deniers —
52:12 those: they sport and play in senseless items
52:13 The Day they are pushed down to the Fire of Hell, pushing down with full force
52:14 This is the Fire which you used to deny
52:15 Is this then magic ? Or you people do not see (the reality)
52:16 Slide you therein. Then (whether) you show patience or you do not show patience — (it is the) same to you. Surely what (is a fact is that) you will be rewarded what you had been doing
52:17 Verily, the Muttaqun will be in Gardens and Bliss
52:18 as those who enjoy with what their Nourisher-Sustainer has provided them; and their Nourisher-Sustainer has saved them from the torment of the blazing Fire
52:19 Eat and drink Haniyan (in full happiness) because of what you used to do (in your worldly life) —
52:20 recliners on couches arranged in rows; and We provided them the company of Hurin Eenin
52:21 And those who have Believed and whose offspring followed them with Faith We did join to these their offspring; and We did not nullify from their deed any thing. Every individual, for what he has earned (in his worldly life,is) mortgaged
52:22 And We provided them assistance in (getting) fruits and meat, such as they desire
52:23 Therein they shall toast the cup (showing their attachment to one another); there shall be no Laghw [dirty, bad or intoxicating (-effect thereof)] therein; and nor Tasim (a sinful act)
52:24 And there will move all around them youthful boys reserved for them — as if they are pearls guarded and preserved
52:25 And some of them came directly in front of some others; they would question one another
52:26 They said: “Verily, we used to be, aforetime, among our family-members and followers as those who were always conscious of the position (of Allah)
52:27 So Allah showered grace on us, and He saved us from the torment of an extremely hot atmosphere
52:28 Verily we, we used to call Him aforetime (in our needs and in our regular Prayers). Surely He: He is Al-Barr (The Most Generous, The Most Kind), the continuously Merciful
52:29 So propagate the Message. So, by the Grace of your Nourisher-Sustainer you are not a clairvoyant, and nor a fanatic
52:30 Or do they say: “ Is he a poet? We await doubt and suspicion which people will have about the Divine‘good and grace’ (which some relate to his person).”
52:31 Say: “Wait. Then surely I am with you being out of those who await.”
52:32 Do their delusions command them for this, or they are a nation of those who exceed the bounds
52:33 Or do they say: “He (who is propagating the Book) has (himself) uttered it (i.e., he himself is its producer and author)?” Nay, they (actually) develop not Faith (in Allah’s Book)
52:34 Let them then come with Hadees like unto it if they happened to be those who speak the truth
52:35 Have they been created out of nothing, or they themselves (are) the creators
52:36 Or have they created the heavens and the earth? Nay! They develop not the certainty in Faith
52:37 Or, are with them treasures of your Nourisher-Sustainer, or are they the keepers (controllers thereof)
52:38 Or, for them is a receiver they listen to therein (the secret signals of the heavenly administration)? Then let their listener approach with evident power
52:39 Or, for Him the daughters and for you the sons
52:40 Do you ask them for a reward, so they with a load of debt are burdened people
52:41 Or, with them (under their surveilance is) Al-ghaib (the unseen), so they record it down
52:42 Or, they intend a plan? Rather those who have disbelieved: they (themselves are) those who are encircled and caught in a stratagem
52:43 Or, for them is an ilah other than Allah? Be Allah glorified against what they ascribe as partners (to Him)
52:44 And if they watch a piece as one falling down from towards the sky, they will say: “Clouds, piled-up!”
52:45 So leave them till they meet their Day — that (one) wherein they will be over-taken by a thunder bolt
52:46 (That) Day their plotting does not benefit them at all, and nor they will be helped
52:47 And verily, for those who have transgressed (awaits) a torment additional to this; but the majority of them do not know
52:48 So show steadfastness for the Ordainment of your Nourisher-Sustainer. So verily, you are under (protection of) Our Eyes. And glorify with the Praise of your Nourisher-Sustainer when you stand up (for offering or leading a Prayer)
52:49 And out (of the hours) of the night, do glorify Him and (at the) retreat of the stars. [This is a recommendation for Isha and Fajr Prayers]


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