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Dr. Munir Munshey

at-Tur (The Mount, The Mountain)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Mount, The Mountain(at-Tur)
52:1 (Allah swears) by the mountain, Toor
52:2 And by the book inscribed
52:3 On fine parchment __ an open book, (the Qur´an), distributed (and found) all over
52:4 And (He swears) by the oft-visited house (of worship, the Kaaba in Makkah)
52:5 And the high (elevated) ceiling, (the sky)
52:6 And the surging sea
52:7 (He swears that) the punishment of your Lord shall definitely come to pass
52:8 Which absolutely no one can avert
52:9 The sky, that day, would rock and reel fiercely
52:10 Set in motion, the mountains will slide about briskly
52:11 There is misery that day for (all) those who denied (the revelation)
52:12 Those who stayed engrossed in (fruitless) pastimes
52:13 Pushed (and shoved) towards the hellfire (with disdain), they would be thrust into it with force
52:14 "This is the fire you had refused to believe!"
52:15 "(Now)! Is this magic, or don´t you see (clearly)?"
52:16 "Burn in it! Bear it patiently, or be impatient. It is all the same for you, now! You are only being treated (strictly) in accordance with your deeds."
52:17 And of course, those who feared (Allah) would be in paradise amidst blessings
52:18 Enjoying (with a relish) whatever their Lord will grant them. And their Lord will spare them the torment of the hellfire
52:19 "Eat and drink, and enjoy (your reward for) what you used to do."
52:20 They shall recline on thrones arranged in rows (as per their ranks). We will wed them with the lovely-eyed (heavenly) nymphs (of paradise)
52:21 (As a favor) for those who believe, We will make their offspring _ those who followed them in faith _ join them (in paradise). Not a bit shall be reduced from the reward of their deeds. Each person is held in a pledge _ (a guarantee) _ against the deeds he (or she) earns. (Good deeds alone meet the obligation)
52:22 And We shall continue to provide them such fruits and meats (in abundance), just as they please
52:23 Avidly, they shall take from each other cups of (exotic) wine (served) in paradise. It shall not cause a foolish flustered prattle, nor will it carry an offense
52:24 Dainty graceful lads would make the rounds, and wait on them. (Groomed and well-kempt) as if they were well preserved pearls
52:25 They would turn towards each other, and ask
52:26 They would say, "Earlier, living with our families, we passed our time being anxious and afraid."
52:27 "And Allah bestowed His favors upon us, and spared us the torment of the hot scorching wind."
52:28 "Indeed, (in our previous life), we used to invoke (and pray to) Him (exclusively). He is surely the Kind and the Merciful!"
52:29 So, (oh prophet), continue to admonish (them). By the grace of your Lord, you are not a (crystal gazing) soothsayer; and you are not a mad man
52:30 And they say, "(He is) a poet! Let us wait. An adverse turn of fortune may just do him in!"
52:31 Say, "Keep watching! I, too, shall watch with you!"
52:32 Is it (really) their intellect that instructs them (to say) this? Or are they a nation guilty of excess
52:33 Or do they say that he, (Muhammad, SAW), has composed the Qur´an himself? The fact is, they just don´t (want to) believe
52:34 If they are right, let them come up with a similar kind of composition
52:35 Did they come into being out of nothing, and without the Creator? Or were they (their own) creators
52:36 Is it they, who brought the heavens and the earth into being? The fact is they lack faith
52:37 Is it they, who possess the treasures of your Lord? Do they have a license to use those treasures with impunity
52:38 Do they have a ladder, (or a device), with which they eavesdrop and listen (to matters beyond human perception)? If so, let those who eavesdrop present a definite proof
52:39 Does He really have daughters, while you have sons
52:40 (Oh prophet), are you asking them for a fee, so they feel burdened by that liability
52:41 Or, do they have (an access to) the unseen, and are they writing it down
52:42 Or perhaps they intend to play a trick (to escape the consequences of their deeds). But those who disbelieve are going to be outwitted
52:43 Or do they have patrons (and deities) other than Allah? Exalted is Allah, far above those they associate with Him as partners
52:44 (Even) if they saw a part of the sky falling down, they would (merely) say, "(It is only) a heap of clouds."
52:45 So leave them till they meet their day _ the day when they shall be struck the lightning bolts
52:46 That day, their tricks (and schemes) will not protect them a bit; nor would they receive any help
52:47 Indeed, prior to this _ (the hellfire) _ there are (also) other kinds of torments for the evildoers (in this world, and in their graves). But, most of them do not know
52:48 So wait patiently for your Lord´s decree. For, of course you are always under Our watchful eye! And sing the praises of your Lord when you wake up (in the morning)
52:49 And chant His praises in the night, too. And again when the stars (begin to) set


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