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at-Tur (The Mount, The Mountain)
as rendered by M. Farook Malik
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Farook Malik rendition of Surah The Mount, The Mountain(at-Tur)
52:1 By the mount Tur (where Moses was given the Torah)
52:2 and by the Book writte
52:3 on a fine unfolded scroll
52:4 and by the inhabited House
52:5 and the elevated canopy (sky)
52:6 and the surging ocean
52:7 the torment of your Lord will surely come to pass
52:8 There shall be none to avert it
52:9 On that Day, heaven will shake violentl
52:10 and the mountain will travel around
52:11 On that Day, woe be to the deniers of truth
52:12 who are engaged in their useless sports
52:13 On that Day they shall be driven to the fire of hell with violence
52:14 and it will be said to them: "This is the fire which you denied
52:15 Is this a magic, or do you not see
52:16 Now burn therein; it will be the same for you, whether you bear it patiently or do not bear it patiently. You are being rewarded according to your deeds."
52:17 As for the righteous, they will be in Gardens and bliss
52:18 rejoicing in what their Lord has given them and their Lord shall shield them from the torment of hell
52:19 It will be said to them: "Eat and drink to your hearts content, this is the reward for your good deeds."
52:20 They shall recline on couches arranged in rows; and We shall wed them with beautiful Huris (damsels)
52:21 We shall unite the true believers with those of their descendants who follow them in their faith, and shall not deny them the reward of their good deeds - everyone is responsible for his deed
52:22 - and We shall provide them fruits, and such meats as they desire
52:23 They will pass from hand to hand a cup of wine which shall cause no idle talk, nor sinful urge
52:24 and there shall wait for them young boys, exclusively appointed for their service, who will be as handsome as treasured pearls
52:25 They will converse with one another about their worldly lif
52:26 and say: "When we were living among our kinfolk, we were troubled by many fears
52:27 But Allah has been gracious to us; He has delivered us from the fiery scourge
52:28 Indeed we used to pray only to Him. Surely He is the Beneficent, the Merciful."
52:29 Therefore, O Prophet, keep up your mission of admonition. By the grace of your Lord you are neither a soothsayer nor a madman
52:30 Do they say: "He is but a poet! We are waiting for some misfortune to befall him."
52:31 Tell them: "Wait if you will; I too shall wait with you."
52:32 Does their faculties of reasoning prompt them to say this? Or is it merely that they are wicked people
52:33 Do they say: "This man has invented this Qur’an himself?" Nay! They do not want to believe
52:34 Let them produce a scripture like this, if what they say is true
52:35 Were they created without a Creator? Or were they their own creators
52:36 Did they create the heavens and the earth? Nay! They will never be convinced
52:37 Do they possess the treasures of your Lord? Or is it they who control them
52:38 Do they have a stairway to heaven by means of which they overhear Him? If so, let any of them who overheard Him, bring clear proof
52:39 Is He to have daughters and you sons
52:40 Do you ask them payment for your services, that they should fear to be overburdened by a debt
52:41 Do they have the knowledge of the unseen? Can they write it down
52:42 Do they intend to devise a plot against you? If so, the disbelievers themselves will be trapped in their plot
52:43 Do they have a god other than Allah? Exalted is Allah, far above those deities they associate with Him
52:44 They are such people that, even if they will see a part of heaven falling down, they would say: "It is but a mass of clouds."
52:45 So leave them alone until they encounter that Day of theirs wherein they shall be made to swoon with terror
52:46 The Day when their designs will avail them nothing and none will help them
52:47 Surely for such wrongdoers, there is another punishment besides that, even though most of them do not realize that
52:48 Therefore, wait for the Judgment of your Lord with patience, We are surely watching over you. Glorify your Lord with His praises when you wake up
52:49 and glorify Him in a part of the night, and also as the stars fade away


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