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at-Tur (The Mount, The Mountain)
as rendered by Syed Vickar Ahamed
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Syed Vickar Ahamed rendition of Surah The Mount, The Mountain(at-Tur)
52:1 By (the Mountain of) Thr
52:2 And by the Book inscribed (and is carved out)
52:3 In a scroll (that is left open) unfolded
52:4 And by the frequently visited Place of Worship (the mosque for angels above Ka’bah)
52:5 And by the sky raised high
52:6 And by the ocean that fills with waves&mdash
52:7 Surely, the (severe) penalty from your Lord will really come true&mdash
52:8 There is no one who can change it&mdash
52:9 On the Day when the sky will swing in terrible fear
52:10 And the mountains will fly here and there
52:11 Then woe (fear and misery), that Day to those (people) who treat (Truth) as falsehood
52:12 Those (people) who play (and indulge) in small and silly talk
52:13 That Day when they shall be pushed down to the Fire of Hell, without any questions (being asked)
52:14 "This," (it will be said:) "Is the Fire— Which you habitually deny
52:15 "Is this a fake, or is it you who do not see
52:16 "So you burn in there, it is the same to you whether you can bear it with patience, or not: You only receive the penalty for your (own) deeds."
52:17 Verily, as to the righteous (people), they will be in the Gardens, and in happiness
52:18 Enjoying the (true joy) which their Lord has given to them, and their Lord shall save them from the penalty of Fire
52:19 (It will be said to them:) "You eat and drink, with blessings and health, because of your (good) deeds."
52:20 They will rest (in comfort) on Thrones (of dignity) arranged in ranks; And We shall join them to companions, with beautiful, wide and lovely eyes
52:21 And those who believe and whose families follow them in Faith— To them We shall join their families: And We shall not take away from them (the reward) of their works: (Still) each person is accountable for his deeds
52:22 And We shall provide them fruit and meat, anything that they want (to have)
52:23 There they shall exchange, one with another, a (loving) cup, free of pettiness, free of all signs of impurity
52:24 And there will go around (devoted) to them, youths (handsome) as pearls, well-guarded
52:25 They will approach one another, engaging in mutual inquiry and questioning
52:26 They will say: "Before now we were not without fear for the sake of our people
52:27 "So Allah has been gracious to us, and has delivered us from the penalty of the Burning Wind
52:28 "Truly, we did pray to Him from of old; Truly, it is He, the Beneficent (Al-Barr), the Most Merciful (Ar-Raheem)!"
52:29 Therefore remind (mankind to celebrate the Praise of Allah). By the Grace of your Lord, you are not (any) petty-talker, and you are not a madman (nor one possessed)
52:30 Or do they say:— "A Poet! We will wait for him that some misfortune (will come) in time!"
52:31 You say (to them): "You wait! I will also wait among those who wait!"
52:32 Or do they in their capacity to understand take themselves to this (way of lying), or are they only people exceeding beyond (their) bounds
52:33 Or do they say: "He made up (the Message);" No, they have no faith
52:34 (If they can,) let them produce words (of the Message) like it, if they are telling the truth
52:35 Or were they created out of nothing? Or were they themselves the creators
52:36 Or did they create the heavens and the earth? No! They have no firm belief
52:37 Or are the treasures of your Lord with them? Or are they the tyrants to do anything they wish
52:38 Or do they have a ladder, by which they can (climb up to the heaven and) listen (to the secrets)? Then let (such a) listener of theirs come up with a clear proof
52:39 Or has He only daughters and you have sons
52:40 Or is it that you ask for a reward, so that they will be burdened with a load of debt
52:41 Or that the Unseen is in their hands, and they write it (the Suras) down
52:42 Or do they intend a plot (against you)? But those who act in disbelief (in Allah) are themselves involved in a (sinful) plot
52:43 Or have they a god other than Allah? Glorified is Allah, far above the things they associate with Him
52:44 And if they were to see a piece of the sky falling (on them), they would only say: "Clouds gathered in heaps!"
52:45 So leave them alone until they face their Day (of Judgment), when they shall be taken over (with fear)&mdash
52:46 The Day when their plotting will become useless for them and no help shall be given to them
52:47 And surely, for those who do wrong, there is another punishment (in the life) before this (Day), but most of them do not understand
52:48 Now wait for the Decision of your Lord, with patience for surely, you are in Our eyes: And celebrate the Praises of your Lord the while you stand forth
52:49 And also for part of the night you praise Him— And at the setting of the stars (during the dawn)


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